Saturday, September 5, 2015

Maa...Who means the world to us

A beautiful poem written by dear friend Kavita for her beloved mother.
Our mom means the world to us.
When the angel is called back by the god its becomes really difficult for the people on 

earth to live without her.

Since my childhood I lived with an angel and I call her my mom,
You are the one who turns our house into a sweet home.
Every morning you will wake me up & serve me with tea,
And then you will start working continuously like a machine.
You will make breakfast for us and run in the kitchen to make the lunch,
You will always make our favourite dishes which we loved to munch.
Until we finish our food you won't take a bite,
You will spend whole day with us and also the night.
Cleaning utensils, keeping them at place, Washing clothes and folding them,
Cleaning and dusting home, cooking food, work goes on, the list never ends.
You will accompany us for snacks and tea,
We would always have fun at dominos and CCD.
Seeing you work like this 24*7, we felt so bad,
We would force you to lie down and take rest.
Now when you lie down silently for sleep,
We pray hard for you to wake up and our heart silently weeps..
Those 33 days of pain, seeing you fight,
We would sit next to you, day or night.
Please don't give up we are always by your side,
These tears start rolling down, very difficult to hide.
How god can be so unfair to take you away from me,
Was it our mistake or already written in our destiny.
I will definitely take time to accept that you are gone,
Every  life comes to an end you have shown.
I want to live with you again, a chance I will never get,
Was I even able to pay the interest in these 33 days for your lifetime debt?
I wish there was a road to heaven for me, to come and meet you,
I will miss you at every step of my life, whatever I do.
Now we know you will never come back, even if we try hard,
You will always stay with us though far apart.
We just pray a happy and healthy life for you, wherever you go,
None can take your place in my heart, that's for sure.
If it's about you the thoughts never come to an end,
I can write a book on you, like this poem I penned.

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