Saturday, September 26, 2015

Splash Math partners with Sony for the 'Global Math Challenge'

Splash Math, a leading math practice program has announced its strategic partnership with Sony Global Education, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony corporation for the coming 'Global Math Challenge' that will be held on 27th September,  2015. 

What is GMC
GMC (Global Math Challenge) is a world wide math competition held online and hosted by Sony Global Education, Inc., and supported by Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee.

'Global Math Challenge' provides an excellent opportunity for students to test themselves at a global level on math and critical thinking skills,

It is packed full of fun math puzzles devised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organization with a strong track record in math contests geared towards children. The questions will test participants' creativity and will allow them to discover their true math sense.

Global Math Challenge features 9 different grades of difficulty to best suit the education levels of test takers, from the 1st grade in elementary school through middle school and all the way up to the adult level.

Available in English, Japanese and Chinese, the contest is welcoming thousands of math fans from right around the world. The one hour challenge takes place on Sunday, September 27 and is the perfect way to keep kids engaged with math at the start of a new school year.

Two plans are available for Global Math Challenge, the free Trial Plan and the paid Standard Plan. With the Trial Plan, participants will now be able to receive not only their score, but their global ranking as well, shortly after the test. And with the Standard Plan, under which up to 4 people can take part using one shared account, participants will also be provided with step-by-step, beautifully illustrated explanations for every question, analysis of their critical thinking strengths and an extra set of bonus questions.

About Splash Math
Splash Math is a leading math practice program for elementary school students that provides curriculum aligned personalized learning to young learners. It is great for both— classroom, as a curriculum supplement and blended learning tool; and home, as an after-school supplemental practice.

Splash Math’s power lies in it’s interactive and engaging content that enables and motivates learners to master math skills at their grade level and beyond. Teachers and parents are enabled with a powerful dashboard which assists them in analyzing student performance and take necessary actions.

It is available on iPad, Chromebooks, PCs and works seamlessly across multiple platforms. Founded in 2011, Splash Math has benefited over 12 million children.

Let’s meet the CEO
Arpit Jain is the CEO & co-founder of Splash Math which was formed by him with 3 of his other friends on 24th November 2010.

Arpit Jain is an alumnus of prestigious IIT Kharagpur college.
In past he was also founder of company Intinno.

Currently he lives in California.

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