Thursday, October 1, 2015

Talvar- A Masterpiece


Talvar- a very well known upcoming movie which is already being famous as it is a true double murder story which happened in the heart of country (Delhi-Noida) in the year 2008. The case became one of media's attending dramas as it was alleged that the parents of the victim were the murderer of their only child “Aarushi”.

“Talvar” is an eye opening murder mystery movie which is yet to be solved by CBI investigation team and the Hon’ble court of India. It has drawn a line of “honour Killing” by highly literate parents Mr. & Mrs. Talwar (Doctors by Profession); simultaneously it was also suspected that the domestic servants of Talwar family were the reason behind the murder of Aarushi. Friends of Hemraj (Hemraj-second victim) were also convicted by the Delhi Police but due to lack of evidence they were acquitted by the trial court.
This movie shows various aspects of “Aarushi-Hemraj”double murder case and also brings it to attention of the general public.The movie is worth to watch with your family and friends. It depicts how office politics, professional rivalries and media coverage can influence the course of justice.  

It also arouses the masses of country who demanded justice on behalf of “Aarushi”, who was just 14 years old when she was brutally murdered and on the basis of investigation her parents were convicted by the Delhi police. "Aarushi-Hemraj" double murder case is one of the landmark case in the histroy of Indian Judiciary.

The Movie is as interesting as the case is and in itself describes how interestingly the murder mystery has been picturised in this movie and this is the reason which makes this movie incredible. 

In my view it is a complete package of entertainment which will compel you to apply your brain in order to solve such a mysterious murder case. 

The best part of this movie is the cast which includes versatile actor Irfan Khan, Neeraj Kabi & very talented Konkana Sen Sharma; all of whom are famous for their award winning acting skills.
They have beautifully portrayed the reality in the movie with their superb acting .

Go and watch the movie and I am sure that you will stand and clap for such a great work by the “Talvar-Team”.
Movie is releasing on 2nd October, 2015. Book your tickets and watch it because such masterpieces come in the decade and "Talvar" is truly a masterpiece. 

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