Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life after becoming a husband but before a father..

It is alway said that a woman has to leave her family & shift to a new place after marriage.
She has to adjust according to the customs and rules of her new family.
Very true..!!! Totally agree..!!!

But a guy also has to bear lots of responsibilities after marriage.
He is the mediator between his gf turned wifie, or if its arranged marriage than only wifie and his family.
Also he has to balance his professional, personal life with wife and the rest of his personal life.
And the biggest responsibility is to give everyone happy, whether its wife, parents, wife's parents,
his relatives, wife's relatives, his friends, wife's friends and the list is quite long...

My imagination of how life of a man is after he becomes a husband but before a father.

Take it with a pinch of humor, no offence intended...:)

Life after you are pronounced a father....coming soon :)

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