Monday, October 19, 2015

The joy of Real Togetherness..

In today’s digital world people spend more than half of their time on mobile, laptops and TVs.
Even after office people love to spend time on social media rather than meeting their friends and relatives in person. Google hangouts, Whatsapp and Facebook groups are where families and friends are together.

A Skype chat is preferred to a coffee meet.
Playing games on Xbox is preferred to the actual ones.
Facebook and Whatsapp are where you will get the maximum wishes on any occasion.

Today’s tech savvy people have forgotten the meaning of real togetherness.

Friendship, relationship, love, marriages and even divorces are happening on social media which has changed the real meaning of feelings and emotions.

In olden days people used to sit together and discuss their life with each other but in today’s world you come to know what’s happening in a person’s life through his/her Facebook or Whatsapp status.

Families used to eat together and discuss on various issues over dinner but today everyone eats in their own room.

On festivals the complete society used to celebrate together. People used to visit each other’s home and give gifts but today there is only DJ which plays awful songs causing a hell lot of noise pollution.

Most of the people today, especially youth is suffering from depression and loneliness because they have forgotten the meaning of real togetherness.

So let's first focus on the meaning of real togetherness.
Real togetherness is not a law of physics, an equation of mathematics or a chemical bonding of chemistry which is very difficult to understand but a collection of those moments which are spend together laughing, playing and sharing the joys of life with your near and dear ones.

Playing with your friends in sand during childhood, winning a cricket match and then having tea together, visiting your relatives on festivals so that you can eat lots of sweets, helping your neighbors during marriage or some other functions, listening to the stories told by grandmother and having outing with family and friends on regular basis are all examples of real togetherness.

Nature also plays a very important role in bringing people together as real togetherness means connecting to your roots which is only possible if you are connected to nature.

People in villages are healthy, happy and humble which is all because of the fact that they are closely connected to nature which helps in bringing people together.

In cities also there are lot ways by which nature can bring people together, some of which includes -:
community gardening, campfire in a forest, trekking on mountains which are full of natural beauty, visiting beautiful beaches and enjoying different water sports and the best of all is waking up early in the morning and doing yoga together in fresh air.

Here is an amazing ad by Kissan India which tell us how to break free the clutches of digital word and come together to build meaningful relationships in the real world.

Watch the video and discover the joy of Real Togetherness…

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