Sunday, October 11, 2015

35 things to do before I die

Life is short and on top of that it is too monotonous and jam packed.
Sometimes our schedule is so busy that we can't even find time for our family.

In this busy and fast running life there are some things we want to do , some dreams we want to see turn into reality , some places we want to visit before we die.

So like everyone I too have a bucket list which consist of crazy, beautiful, adventurous and out of the world things that I want to do before I wish my final goodbye.

Here goes the list

1. Dolphins are one of most amiable and lively animals in the world.
    I wish to swim with this rockstars one day.

2. Venice is the only city in the world where there are no cars or buses but only boats as the 
     means of transport as it is a city built in water. I wish to visit this city one day.

3. I have always been fascinated by the big hot air balloons.
    Before I die I wish to travel with my partner in them and feel that excitement of flying through the


4. As am I hopeless romantic, kissing my partner at the top of Eiffel tower is at the top of my bucket 


5. Visiting the most famous waterfall in the world, Niagara falls, has always been on my bucket list.
     It is one of top natural wonders of the world and hence a must place to visit before I die.

6. There is nothing more spectacular and thrilling light show to watch on earth then Northern lights.
    In Northern Norway nature's shows the best in it's kitty. A must watch before my soul RIP.

7. As a blogger and writer I always love reading books and novels, fiction or nonfiction, belonging to
    different genres. A small dream is to create a small library of my own in my house.


8. I am always crazy about doing something new and zorbing definitely fits in my crazy things
    to do list. You can roll down a hill or push yourself in water.

9.  This hidden beach paradise which is underneath a hole is one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world. Though visiting this places is a bit difficult but definitely it is on my to do list before God calls me.

10. From childhood itself Pyramids and the stories around them has fascinated me the most.
      This wonder of the world which is also among the most mysterious places is a must visit before
      you die.


11. Though this is not a big thing but still how it feels while travelling in first class has always made 
       me curious and hence it is has a spot in my to do list.

12.  Nothing else has fascinated a child more on this earth than Santa claus and the flying reindeers  
       who pull his sleigh. Dog Sledding though not exactly but somewhere do depict that picture.
       I would happily love to sing "Jingle bell Jingle bell" while riding it. 

13. Dolphins make me crazy but watching whales dive in and out of water is something out of
      this world. A must do thing before I wish goodbye.


14. Marrying the girl who has made me a man through her magic of love was, is and will be at the 
      top of the to do list of my life until I get hitched to her.

15.  This is something for which I wanted my childhood to pass quickly as 18 years is the min limit.
        Nothing in the world is as adventurous as skydiving, believe me.


16. Though this appears to be easy but once you are underwater your senses go out of control, 
       kissing at that moment would definitely be unique and a lifelong memory.

17.   Marine life is the most mysterious thing in this world and has its own charm.
        If I get an opportunity to live anywhere in the world for a day, I would definitely want to stay
        at an underwater hotel, may be in Dubai.


18. I love to capture wildlife thr my DSLR and what else can be the ultimate destination for it then
      Africa. Watching the king of the forest prey is something I would love to shoot. Among the top
      10 things to do before my name has a late prefix added.

19. My love for marine life is immense and I would not miss a single opportunity of watching
      them closely. I have seen Scuba diving a number of times on Discovery Channel and someday
      I want to do that myself.


20. Paris, the city of love is a dream honeymoon destination for any romantic couple.
      A kiss at Eiffel tower and adding a lock to the love lock bridge is a fantasy of every couple.

21. I love adventure and camping in jungle was my teenage dream but what is bygone is bygone.
      After marriage I would definitely love to spend a night with my partner in a tree house.

22. This is one thing which probably everyone in this world would want to experience, Zero Gravity.
      Though only few lucky ones are born to be an astronaut, travel in space and explore the 
       mysterious universe but getting a feel of it on earth is definitely my dream.

23. Though messages in bottle are send by those who are shipwrecked, caught by pirates or lost in
       the sea and have no other means of communication to contact the rescue team, but for me it will
       be a sign of my existence, my love for her,  floating in the sea even when I am dead 

24. Chocolate, which was once considered "Food of Gods" is now one of the favorite foods of human       beings. As a child I was tempted to try different flavors of chocolate in whatever forms available.
      One of my childhood dreams was to visit a chocolate factory and even own one someday.
      Before I die I want to visit some of the most famous chocolate factories in the world.


25. Every blogger or aspiring author has a dream to see his book published.
      Before I die I want to pen down my love story, a way to keep it alive for years even after I am


26. You might have heard the famous saying, "What happens in Vegas, remains in Vegas", but there
      is another new one added from my side which is, "If you have not partied in Vegas you have not
      partied like a king or queen. Once in a life I want to visit this place and party like this is the last
      night of my life.


27. We have read a lot about Igloo in our childhood, especially while reading about Antarctica.
       One of my dreams is to stay in it for a night and experience the pleasure of living in one of
       the coldest places in the world.

28. Ships, sea and marine life has fascinated me from childhood and the best way to experience it
      is to travel on a Cruise. Today we have lot of  five star cruises offering all the facilities you could
      dream of right in the middle of the sea.
      A cruise journey to any of my favorite destination is on the bucket list before I die.


29.  Visiting Leh Ladakh on Royal Enfield's bullet is a dream journey for an traveler, nature or
       adventure lover. Before I die I want to visit this place to experience the beauty beyond


30.  The festival of lights is celebrated all around the Thailand during which floating lanterns are
        released in air. The scene is breathtaking and I would definitely want to be a part of it.
       Also this is a sign of everlasting love which should always reach new heights.

31. Sharks are counted as one of the most deadliest animals in the world but they carry an 
      everlasting charm which drives thousands of tourists every year to set a rendezvous with them.
      If not with my partner I would definitely want to try this alone.

32. The only water source where you will never get drown, so why not experience it by oneself.

33. River rafting is another once in a lifetime experience which every adventure lover would love to
      have. Those moments of pure thrill and deep connection with nature is something I would
      definitely want to experience before I die.


34. Taj mahal, the symbol of love and one of the seven wonders of the world is a dream destination
      to visit for any die hard romantic person. Before I die I will propose my girl again at this


35. Lamborghini is a dream car to own but I don't have an unrealistic dream of owning it one day,
      but definitely have a feel of driving it for once.


So here is my bucket list, would love to read your's.
I am sure many of our points would match.
If there is something really interesting which I am missing here do let me know through your valuable comments.


  1. May all your dreams come true! :)
    Almost all of them are doable.

    1. Thanks a lot Indrani for your wishes.
      I pray the same for you..:)

  2. Nice post. May God fulfill all you wishes. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your wishes Maitreni.
      I wish the same for you.

  3. nice blog ! its amazing that someone is writing the blog in many years and still keeps doing it ! some people write one note or writes the blog in year and stops doing this because doesn't have anything to write about ... keep writing and dont stop :) you got a nice blog :) good luck and visit my blog if you want :) choose your language and check the notes :)

    1. Thanks for your kind words and wishes Paulian..Glad to have your footprints on my blog..
      I totally agree with you that one should never stop following his/her passion..
      Would love to read it :)

  4. :O those are all the items in my list.. Although mine is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huge. it will require a whole book ;) :P
    I hope you finish all those tasks very soon. <3

    1. haha...mines are increasing every day..hope all your dreams come true..:)

  5. That is a long and extensive list! Have fun checking all these off!