Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rediscovering my lost passion..!!!

New year is here and my Facebook timeline is flooded with status messages.
Some of them talk about things which people don’t want to carry from 2014 to 2015, while most of them are about the new year resolutions.

Every year I also take a lot of resolutions but fail to follow even one of them.
This time I wanted the opposite to happen and for helping me I had got a friend.

I was interested in collecting coins from my school time.

When I was in class 8th our school took us to a coins exhibition. We were told how these ancient coins are a way to preserve our heritage and history. I got inspired from the presentation that was shown to us and from that day I started pursuing coins collection as my hobby. 

My collection grew with each passing year and when I was in class 12th I got the opportunity to participate in one of my first coins exhibition. Everyone congratulated me for this achievement.
It was a proud movement for me and my family.

Coin collection was my hobby but my dream was to become an Engineer.
To pursue my dream I took admission in a renowned Engineer College.  As time passed my hectic schedule didn't allow me to pay attention on my hobby. Slowly other things took priority over my love for collecting coins.

During my 4 years of Engineering I was only successful in adding 10 more coins to my collection.
After college I joined an MNC and my schedule became more hectic.

One day after coming from office while browsing my mails I saw a comment on my blog.
It was on the post where I had described about my collection. It read, “Very nice collection, I hope everyone had a hobby like you”. I had tears in my eyes. For last 6 years I had given priority to everything except it but now I had realized my mistake. My passion, my love was ignored for so long but not anymore. I made a resolution for the new year to rediscover my passion.

As I used to travel a lot so I wanted a device, preferably a tab where I could read and explore about new coins and connect with coin dealers and collectors. Also as I was out of touch for last 6 years so I had to cover up a lot and for that I needed a device whose processing speed was real fast.

Another criterion was the price which had to be around 10k so that it could fit in my budget.

A good friend of mine suggested Micromax Canvas Tab P666. It was available in the market for 10k and had nice specifications. I brought it the next day and quickly downloaded the apps related to the coin world.  I was really amazed to see the apps running with a super speed. I could quickly navigate through and download pictures of all those coins which I wanted to add to my collection. Buying coins online was now an easy and fast process.

In the limited time available I was easily able to continue with my passion and achieve the resolution I had made. All thanks to my new friend Micromax Canvas Tab P666.

Here is the amazing video of Micromax Canvas Tab P666

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