Thursday, January 15, 2015

The New Sensation in the Hatchback Segment, Bolt from the Blue..!!!

There is a new sexy lady on the floor.
She is the soul shaker
She is the head turner
When she passes by, people lose their heart
She has the charm to be on the top of the chart.

Ok last hint, she is the new sensation in the Indian car hatchback market.
A creation of India’s most trustworthy brand.

If you guessed it “Tata Bolt” you have hit the bull’s eye.
Give yourself a pat.


After the success of Zest , Tata has brought its new weapon in the market.
“A Bolt from the Blue”, totally fits in here as everyone is surprised to see the back to back sensation from Tata Motors.

I wanted to see this beauty from proximity hence decided to visit Oberoi Mall in Mumbai where the car was for display.
As I entered the mall I was not surprised to see the beauty as centre of attraction drawing eyeballs from all around. None of the passersby could refrain themselves from giving a curious look to this stunning piece of machinery.

Somehow making my way into the middle of the crowd I got the opportunity to get a glance of “The Bolt”. 

The first feature about Bolt which impressed me was it was “High on style”.
The front-end is stylish and matured giving the car a bold and rich look.
The rear-end is quite fresh and wider making it look quite fetching.
The sharp headlamp clusters, bumper with an inverted smile and flame shaped units at the rear end definitely makes it aggressive and stand out in the hatchback segment.

Everyone wanted to step into the Bolt and have a feel of its interiors.
I was also eagerly waiting for my number so that I could explore its inner beauty.
As I got in I was not at all disappointed. The second feature of Bolt which made its mark on my mind was the “Spacious interiors”.
There is sufficient leg space provided at the front as well as rear bench, more than a majority of the other hatchbacks in the segment. I will say it is more on the lines of sedans. The height of the car is perfect making it easy for getting in and out.

I can’t step out of the car without giving the stylish and elegant dashboard a good second look. The “High on Style” quotient which was true outside holds it stand inside too.
For the style take a bow BOLT makers as it is for the first time I have seen such an improvement in what all TATA has offered till date.

I was thinking of stepping out when one of the executive got inside and started explaining me the mechanics. I told him that I am a layman and tell me something which is unique about this car and it was than when the third feature made its way.
For the first time a multi drive hatchback, interesting!!! 

There are 3 driving modes to choose from – City, Eco and Sport which you will find only in expensive luxury cars.

Next he talked about the fourth feature which I always liked in a car,
“Advanced Technology “.
By looking at the car it can be easily concluded that a lot of thought process has been involved in making it technologically sound. The power steering is attractive and comfortable to hold.
All the four windows are power windows which makes life easy for the people at rear bench.
Another thoughtful feature added is door open indicator which exactly tells which door is open.
Coming to the best of the lot, something which is developed jointly by the Tata and Harman is the ConnectNext touch screen Infotainment system. It has advanced voice command recognition and supports USB, AUX, SD card and Bluetooth connectivity. The sound quality is good and it doesn't echo or distorts when the volume is turned high.

After listening to all this I was really impressed and was thinking of buying the car. It was then, when the fifth feature came and I was sure that this “Bolt” is mines.
The fifth and the most important feature of all – “Advanced Mechanics”.

Bolt is powered by the same powerful Revotron engine as used in Zest.
It is nearly lag free and provides a smooth drive. The power @ rpm is one of the best among all the cars in the hatchback segment.
The different driving modes work in perfect mapping with the engine and make the car fuel efficient.

I took my mobile to click some pics of/with BOLT.

At the same time there were few girls who were passing by. I asked them to pose with the car and they agreed at once. 

Wow "BOLT" who are a great charmer..

Selfie to banta hai.!!!

Ohh Even Narain Karthikeyan was there to check out the new  "BOLT"..;)


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