Thursday, January 15, 2015

200th Post dedicated to the wonderful people I have met in Blogosphere..!!

I started blogging in 2009 but could manage to write only 1 post.
2010 was also an idle year and I could manage only 15 posts in the complete year.
It was 2011 when I came to Mumbai and got involved into serious blogging.

Today I have over 199 posts on my blog and more than 2, 00,000 page views.
There are more than 200 likes on my blog FB page.
For whatever status and position I have earned in the blogosphere here are some people I genuinely want to thank on this 200th Blogpost.

The first person I want to say thanks is Stephen. His short love stories and dedication towards his blog motivated me to be active again. He is also a genuine critic who has helped me to improve.

Indiblogger is definitely the next in my thanking list. It gave me the much needed platform where I could connect to bloggers all over India, few of who are now my best buddies.
Also the Indimeets were just awesome, one of which also made me meet the love of my life.

Blogadda, for its awesome initiative "Game of Blogs" which brought some awesome people together. These people called themselves "Story Weavers".
Nivedith, Deepika, Vinodini, Simardeep, Nikita, Swati and Avantika had great time with you guys. Crazy discussions, last time submissions and finally among top 5 teams, what an amazing journey and experience it was !!!

Sriram, a philosophist, coffer lover, a great leader and above all an amazing person.
He has the charm and skills to bring people together. The long talks we had were just superb.
He is definitely a source of inspiration. Thanks bhai for all the gyan..:)

Animesh Mishra, one of the most respected and renown face in the blogosphere.
He is a very down to the earth person and believes in simple living and high thinking funda.
I really enjoyed all our conversation bhai. It was great meeting such a wonderful person.

Saru Singhal, the poetess queen and one of my favorite blogger have always inspired me by her likes and comments on my posts. An appreciation from such an avid blogger means a lot. Thanks a lot mam for all your foot prints on my blog.

Anukriti Sharma, the famous blogger from Delhi and one of the sweetest blogger I have ever met till date has been a big inspiration for me. Soft music, photographs and the amazing choice of words are few reasons for which I used to remain glued to her blog. We met in one of the Indimeet and from then we are good friends. 

Monica Mishra, a great human being and a lawyer by profession.
Her legal articles are very famous among fellow bloggers.
She is someone who is quite close to my heart.
Thanks a lot for all your encouragement, support, suggestions and feedback on almost all my posts..:) I love you for everything you have done for me.

Tapobrata, you are great person. Though things were not that smooth between us but I would never forget the efforts you have put in to help me fulfill the dream of getting published.
Same I will say for Rafaa.

Whenever I dreamed of getting published you were the inspiration for me, Renu di.
Thanks for all your help and support. You are really a great sister any brother would love to have.

Deepti Verma, you were my inspiration whenever I used to write for any contest.
This girl is a serial contest winner and no doubt an awesome writer.

Westerlies, my team during the Indian Blogger League.
I would again like to thank Stephen and Sriram for considering me eligible enough to be part of the team.
Westerlies was a superb team which gave me the opportunity to meet some of the awesomest people of my life - Deepti, Tapo, Karan, Renu, Rohan, Harshal, Nikhil, Namrota Namrata, Sud, Amar, Fatima, Vaisakhi, Rafaa, Gayathri, Reshmi and Ritesh to name a few.

Bookster, a group of bloggers who saw a dream together which is going to be accomplished pretty soon.
We had crazy discussions, superb meets; some bad fights and lot of brainstorming but the most important thing we stood by each other so that this dream could see the day of light.
I would like to thank everyone for helping a novice like me and taking efforts to give such genuine, detailed and relevant feedback on my story.

Neha Sharma, though you are not active on social media but your activeness on my blog as a reader and your inspiring comments are definitely a source of motivation for me. Thanks a lot.
I would love to see you in the next Indimeet. 

Sushmita, a girl with sweet voice and cute smile.
It’s been hardly a month I have known her but it feels like I know her from ages. She is a bit maddy but from day one our bonding is superb and it is fun talking to her.
Having a renowned face of blogosphere as your friend feels great.
Thanks a lot for everything.

Happy Club, a gang of bloggers determined to bring new innovations in the blogging world.
Feels great to be part of this group. It’s amazing members include Braj, Nikhil, Simran, Sushmita, Ankita Singhal, Ashwin, Vaisakhi, Fatima, Renu, Ste, Ankita Verma, Himani, Divyashi & panda girl.
You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot making me a part of your life.

Readers are the motivating force for any blogger.
They are the one who keeps a blogger alive and active as he feels the urge to produce something unique and interesting at every point of time.
Thanks a lot guys for your appreciation, suggestion and love in the form of lovely comments on my blog. Each one of them is quite valuable to me.

Also thanks a lot to those silent readers who though don’t comment on my blog but promote and appreciate it through word of mouth.

Finally Thanks a lot almighty for giving me this skill of writing, my parents who have felt proud after reading my posts and motivated me to keep going and my friends -Kavita , Palak and Nitika to name a few who have always been there as a critic, reviewer, appreciator and motivator.

How can I end this post without thanking my partners in crime, Kunal and Rakesh who have given their blood and sweat to this blog..;)

I dedicate this 200th Post to all you wonderful people who have become an integral part of my life.
I hope I am able to meet your expectations and write something which adds value to your life.


  1. Congratulations Ankit on achieving this milestone :)

  2. Congratulations on your 200th post! Thanks for the mention. It was great connecting as Story Weavers. You sure seem to have made a different world for yourself here at blogosphere! Keep writing :)

    1. Thanks a lot Vinodini..The feelings are mutual..:)

  3. Thanks Ankit...for making me a part of your 200th post...its good to connect with so many awesome bloggers.
    Congrats and keep the good work on!!!


  4. hi Ankit, thanks for the mention :) I am sure it was great for all the Storyweavers!
    and, a special mention - it is really amazing to know that your blogging brought you close to your love!
    congratulations for the milestone and best wishes for many more! have a great year!!

    1. Thanks a lot Swati for your kind words..:)
      Story Weavers was indeed a great experience..
      Had a great time connecting with best wishes to u too..have an amazing year !!!

  5. many congratulations Ankit...wish you many many more years of blogging, writing and higher things in wishes :)

  6. Congrats Ankit! It's really an achievement of your interest.... Best wishes!

  7. This is one of the very best 200th post I have ever read. Expressing gratitude is an art. Stephen was one of the very few bloggers I interacted with and you have mentioned other bloggers exactly like the way I feel for them.

    Truly honored by a mention here. Rise and shine, good luck for future.

    1. Thanks a lot mam...overwhelmed by all your appreciation..
      You are a great inspiration for all the novice bloggers..keep the support going..:)

  8. Thank you so much for the mention, Ankit....Honoured! Keep wrting, Keep winning...And congrats for the publishing thing....Cheers!

    1. The pleasure is all mines dee..Thanks and congrats 2 u too...Cheers \m/

  9. Truly Incredible! May you flourish in terms of fame and creativity!