Friday, January 16, 2015

She is above all labels...My Mom !!!

She is the one who has brought me into this world, taught me the principles of life and made me understand the difference between right and wrong.

She is the one who has comprised and sacrificed her pleasures so that I can enjoy mines.

She is the one who can feel my pain, my sadness just by hearing my voice.

She is the one who is in tears even if I get a small bruise.

She is my everything, a friend, a teacher, a girlfriend, a critic and most importantly my

She is none other than my “MOTHER”.

It’s a great honor for me to write about her and describe the amazing personality she is.
Thanks to Blogadda and Gillette for giving me this opportunity.

My mom was interested in painting from her school time.
She had won lot of competitions and was a renowned face of the institute wherever she studied.

When she got married there were some problems in the family because of which my father had to separate out. He was still studying M.D and source of income was just the stipend which he used to get from the college.

Somehow he managed a rented flat, not really a flat but just a room which was partitioned in middle by a curtain to separate out the bedroom and kitchen.

After a year of marriage my elder brother was born.
There were multiple responsibilities on my mom now.

She had no time to follow her passion which was painting.
A new home and a new dispensary of dad were the top priorities.

2 years later I was born and hence came more responsibilities and pressure on her.
She devoted her complete time in taking care of me and bhaiya

For the next 10 years she was happy to be labeled as a supportive wife, caring mother and a responsible housewife. Till that time we got our new home and my father also purchased a new place for his dispensary. It was then, when my father motivated her to start painting again. He decorated the new house with her paintings which she made before marriage.

First it was difficult for my mom but slowly and steadily she got her touch back.
Her first exhibition was put in the yearly program of our community. There was none who passed by without appreciating the art on display.

After that there was no stopping for her and today she is counted among one of the renowned painters of Indore.

Whenever I get an opportunity to visit her exhibitions which I mostly do, it feels proud to be a son of such a great artist.

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