Sunday, January 4, 2015

Indore - The heart of Central India - Post IV

Indore - The heart of Central India is a theme where a series of posts will be dedicated to the 14th largest city of India - Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Here is the fourth post of the series.

The most famous church of Indore !!! Red Church ..
If you want to have peace of mind do visit a church..:)
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Credit for the Pic goes to Rakesh Kumar Rakshit.
Being a Software Engineer by profession doesn't stop this enthusiastic photographer to pursue his passion for clicking. Once a novice now this skillful DSLR lover is steadily approaching towards becoming a pro.

Check out his work here

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  1. An interesting post, Ankit and I especially appreciate the effort that goes into it, because I went to Indore a while back and even blogged about it.
    Gurudwara Betma Sahib
    Indore - Random Clicks

    Do you plan to write a post about Gurudwara Betma Sahib?

    1. Thanks a lot Nimi, I am glad that you liked it..:)
      Indore is a great place for food lovers..I hope you tried the street food at Sarafa and 56 shops..
      In the coming posts we will definitely try to have one on Gurudwara Betma Sahib..