Sunday, January 25, 2015

Attacked by Aliens called Pimples...Garnier came as my Saviour

If we go two decades back it was just our skills which were enough for us to bag a whopping million dollar job.

At the time of marriage it was the family status and the parents’ consent which mattered the most.
But with time things have changed a lot.

Survival of the fittest, a very famous proverb finds its implementation in today’s world.
Now our success is not just limited to our skills but also depend equally on our personality and presentation.

Good looks not only boost your confidence but also provide a charming personality.
A glowing face can attract more audience then a face full of pimples and marks.

But in today’s hectic and stressful life it is really difficult to retain that glow on your face.
At some point of time in the youth you tend to suffer from one of the most annoying problem in this world.
Oil glands starts secreting more and inflammation of skin occurs for no reason.
It is the time when aliens called pimples attack and try to capture space on our face.

I too have faced this attack and believe me the experience is really bad.

Some of the consequences of this attack on me were -:
1. Once an outgoing person who was ready to step out at any time was now happy to stay at
2. Confidence took a dive. A person who used to look straight into the eyes while talking to
   anyone was now hesitant even to show his face.
3. Irritation and frustration levels increased to all time high.
4. Hours were wasted looking in the mirror and cursing god and luck for sending such ugly
5. Concentrating on things became very difficult. During studies, while eating, playing or even
   bathing I just used to think about the creepy pimples.
6. The free bird in me was now happy to remain in a cage.
7. I had to give up on the things I liked. As the list is huge I have mentioned the important ones.
   a. Eating spicy food.
   b. Night out with friends.
   c. Playing Holi.
8. I became too conscious about my skin and used to behave like mental whenever there was a
   new colony of pimples on my face.

As a result my life had changed a lot.
Earlier I used to wake up with a big smile on my face, energized to explore the world but now I was more worried about my face, frighten if a new pimple had popped out.

I used to go for jogging in the morning and sometimes also play cricket but all that had stopped now.
Trekking which was one of my passion was now not on the do to list also.
My friends had started thinking of me as an egoistic person carrying a lot of attitude as I used to back out from most of their plans.

Staying alone and isolated from the world was the only thing I loved. In no time depression and sadness took over me.

Seeing my plight a friend of mines suggested “Garnier pure active Neem” face wash which she had also used to get rid of these disgusting pimples.


                                                        Source - Here
The procedure was very simple. Just wash your face 3 times in a day with the face wash.

Within a month I could see a lot of improvement.
Most of pimples had dried up and marks also got reduced.
I was really excited to see this change.
3 months down the line and I could see my glow coming back.

Slowly I started hanging out with my friends, visiting new places, going for treks, in one word I started “Living” again.

Thanks a lot Garnier for this amazing product. It really has a magical touch on your skin which brings back its freshness and glow.

                                                               Source - Here

So if you are also been attacked by these aliens called “Pimples”, go for counter attack using
Garnier pure active Neem” face wash.

                                                             Source -Here

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