Thursday, January 8, 2015

Set the heart ablaze with love again..!!!

We loved each other night and day
And didn't give a damn to what people will say
Our talks were as sweet as honey
Most appeasing of all, I can bet my money

That tight hug when we used to meet
Her naughtiness even when we were in the middle of the street
The passion to love and feel each other was so high
That if she got hurt I was the one who used to cry

We used to kiss and kiss and kiss like mad
No one could stop us even if it was her dad
But things have changed in the past few days
Our cupid seems to have gone on different ways

I am confused and surprised,
how things have changed
The girl who used to love me madly
Now has become estranged

I miss the touch of her soft lips
The way she cuddles me and all my tension slips
The warmth of her sexy body which makes me feel complete
When she is not around I feel like skipping my heart beat.

I hope the golden days come back
And we are again smitten by the cupid
Let’s spend rest of our life in each other arms
And give a damn to this world who calls us stupid



  1. I love this! Last picture is so scary...Is she a vampire or a witch? Heart :D

    1. Thanks Ste...she is a great soul who has stolen my heart