Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet the most talented people of India - The great Indian Litterbugs

It’s time to party and feel proud as India has been awarded.

Till now an individual or a group of people not more than 1000 have won the prestigious “Guinness World Record” but this time it is different and big because a country as a whole has won this award.

The reason for the award is really overwhelming as India is tagged as the country with most number of Litterbugs. Such great recognition is really impossible without hard work and determination showed by millions of Indians on a daily basis.

I was getting ready to attend Prime Minister’s speech on such a proud moment when suddenly a splash of water made its way on my face. It was 9 in the morning and my mom was rebuking me as I was again late for office.

Quickly I got ready and was on my way to office.

At one signal which was a long one I looked around and found the replacements for Fire Brigade in India.
These men are always ready with their fire pumps, ready to deliver anywhere and at any time.
They are also responsible for making the walls of India strong, even stronger than the “Great Wall of China”. 
I praised my luck as I got to see such talented people at the start of the day.

The signal was green and I was ready to take off when a shower of magical liquid made the earth beside me pious. It is another talent which we Indians are really proud of.
We have this amazing art of spitting anywhere we want. If there are sports in Olympics related to spitting we can grab all the gold medals in spitting most number of times, spitting the farthest and spitting the most in one go.
Also we Indians have a great talent of painting the walls red just by using our mouth.

After driving for 10 minutes I encountered another long signal.
I think god was happy with me today as I got to see one of the most heartfelt acts of humanity.
There was a big dustbin kept at the corner of the road which was half empty.
The reason was half of the garbage was thrown around it.
There were food items, plastic bottles, clothes and foot wears which were scattered in the vicinity.

I was glad to see dogs and pigs feeding themselves and their families.
Also the garbage collectors didn't face any trouble picking the items useful for them as half of the stuff was lying outside the dustbin.

Finally I was about to reach office and was crossing the slum area which lies ahead of it when my eyes felt on an intellectual activity. There were many small children who were defecating in public.
Seriously what a way to make a barren land perfect for growing crops by adding required chemicals and water to it. Their parents are mighty genius I am sure.

I was so happy and proud to see such talented “Litterbugs” of India.
Hail litterbugs!!

This post is part of campaign The great Indian by Times of India on Indiblogger.

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