Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When I failed to impress her Dad...

I was going to meet my GF's dad.
It was a big day for both of  us. Her father was reluctant to meet a guy from a different community but finally after so much of persuasion he agreed to meet me.

I was having a very hectic schedule and because of that I didn't got time even to shave my face.
But for me it was a daily routine so I didn't cared much about that and reached my GF's home.

I was greeted my her with a puzzled and angry face as if I had committed some crime.
Anyways she escorted me to the dinning table where dinner was ready to be served.
Her parents, sister and niece all were waiting for me.

I greeted her parents and took a seat.
Her father asked me about my hometown, job and future plans.
I confidently answered all his questions as this was the most important interview of my life.

While we were having a conversation on meeting my parents some of the part of my beard got soaked in the soup that was served.
My GF's niece started laughing. It was hell lot embarrassing.

After finishing the dinner when I was leaving for my home my GF didn't even cared to escort me to the main gate of their society.

I took a rickshaw for my home.When I saw myself in the mirror of rickshaw I was scared for the first time.
A full grown beard was hanging like some bird's nest.

Next day my GF called and said Dad didn't liked you much, he was saying you wanted to marry a junglee like him. So remain happy with your beard and don't talk to me.

I said sorry so many times and promised her that on next meeting with her family I will come well groomed, Without wasting a second I quickly purchased Gillete shaving kit.
The day of meeting came and I was all set to impress her father this time with my clean shaven face.

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