Friday, December 5, 2014

The first day of the training

I was excited to get my offer letter.
Adobe my dream company had hired me.

Two months later I got my joining date.
I was asked to join within a week in the city of dreams -Mumbai. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time staying away from home. Nevertheless I was ready for the next experience of my life.

It was my first day at the training centre in Hiranandani which is considered as one of the most posh areas of Mumbai.
Roman style architecture gives it a royal and classy look.

Our training centre was also built on the same lines.
There were around 8th floors, each one of which had 4 training rooms.

My technology was Java whose training rooms were on 4th floor.
There were around 30 people from my college and another 20 from NIT Bhopal who were part of the same batch.
As we entered the room all the faculties along with HR were waiting for us.
Shefali our HR escorted us to an auditorium which was big enough for 100 people.

For the first 2 hours of induction we were made aware about the do and don’ts in the training centre, our schedule for the training and accommodation details.

Everyone was bored and was literally feeling dizzy.
We were just waiting for the induction to end soon so that we could go to our training rooms.
But suddenly to our surprise, music made its way into the auditorium.
It was one of the most famous songs of the decade- Gangnam style.

All the lazy lads started tapping their feet.
After the song got over Shefali made her way to the podium.

Boys and Girls, I am pretty sure that everyone is surprised and eager to know what actually is happening.
So without puzzling you more let me tell you what we are going to have in next 1 hour.

Like you guys had Mr and Miss fresher in college we will also be having something on similar lines.
The boy and girl who wins will be made the POC (point of contact) for the entire batch.
They will also be entitled for occasional lunch with higher management, 1000 ADOBE stars, free membership of ADOBE sports club and a dinner voucher of TAJ hotel.

Wow !!!
Everyone was delighted to hear the perks winners were going to get.
Further Shefali briefed us about the different stages of the competition.
There were 3 stages in total
1. Written Test.
2. Show your X factor.
3. Personality round.

From 50 people 30 were selected for the X factor round and I was one of them
In X factor round everyone was asked to showcase one of their skills.
It could be dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument etc.
Dancing was one of my passions and I was ready for the challenge.

Finally 5 boys and 5 girls were selected.
I was delighted to be among top 5 but the final stage was the toughest one.
In the personality test we were asked to deal with a client and convince him for a business deal.

10 faculty members were made our clients.
I and one of the guy were successful in convincing our client to the fullest.
Fingers crossed I was eagerly waiting for the results and hear my name announced as the winner.

Finally when the name was announced I was disheartened. It was Rahul who won the competition. We were awarded similar points in all the sections expect grooming, where he scored more than me. On pondering a bit I understood the reason.
The stubble on my face was the culprit. My mom words started resonating in my ears
“Ankit, what jungle have you grown on your face. Learn to be a bit groomed”.

My ungroomed look led me to the second position and made me miss an awesome opportunity. From that day I took a pledge to shave regularly and stay groomed.

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