Sunday, December 7, 2014

5 things about your BF you should refrain from commenting on

For a healthy relationship there are lots of tips given to a guy.
Take her to new places, always keep her happy, show care, respect her dreams and family etc etc.

But did someone think what a girl should do and most importantly what she should not for a healthy and strong relationship.

Here are the 5 important things girls should refrain from commenting on 

1. Religion
    In your religion why don't you eat this?
    Why your saints and guru dress like this?
    Why you have all this rituals?

    Well asking these questions once are fine but if you keep on bombarding
    them again and again on
    your BF, he will eventually get frustrated.
    Also never mock about anyone's religion. Remember it’s a weak point of
    most of the people.

2. Hometown
     Would I be able to live in your hometown after marriage?
     I went to one of the cities of your state, it was horrible. Is your hometown
     also same?
     Gal, you live in a metro doesn't mean all other cities are like villages.
     Comparing cities like Indore or Nagpur to a village is so insane.
     First visit the place and then start commenting on it,
     Half knowledge is dangerous, mind it.

3. Parents
    As you love your parents the guy also loves his own
    Why your mother does this?
    After marriage I don't know how will I live with her?

    A mother-in-law is also a human being. She loves her son doesn't mean she
    will hate you.
    So put some logic before you ask such questions to your BF. 

4. Mother Tongue
    Apart from English and Hindi there are more than 30 languages in India.
    People love to talk in their mother tongue with near and dear ones.
    Don't mock about it.

5. Money saving skills
    And here comes the most important point.
    "He is a Marwadi so kanjus to hoga hi" is so lame.
    Saving is an art which we Indians should be proud of. It is something
    because of which Indians are respected all over the world as it has saved
    them from many global crisis.
    Wasting hard earned money is never wise when you have other options

    Don't keep on taunting or harassing your BF if he is good at this art. 
    He is doing this only to give you a better future. 


There is a famous proverb "Give respect to get respect"
Follow it.

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