Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vacation with Kids - How to make it memorable !!

Vacation is a word which brings a smile on anyone’s face.
It provides the needed refreshment and energy which helps a person to return back to his hectic schedule. Vacations are like dose which needs to be taken once every 3 months.

Every vacation has different experiences and memories.
When you are with your friends you enjoy the freedom more.
When it is family you tend to focus more on things you and your family members can do together.
And when it is with colleagues you tend to do things through which you can know the other side of the person.

But there is another vacation which is the most special of all. It is when children accompany you. The charm and excitement of this vacation is huge as they are there to add their magic.

Children are lively souls interested in anything and everything that they come across.
Their innocent talks, curious mind and way of looking at things make the trip more interesting and entertaining.

Children add energy to the group. If you are tired of roaming around, just a glimpse of their innocent faces brings back the energy in your body.

There are places where you tend to get bored and lose out interest but when you have children around it is always fun.

Watching them run here and there and try out new things is just amazing.
They are excited about each and everything they do and it also pumps you up.
Even if you have some tension or worry, it vanishes after seeing their happy and jolly faces.

Seeing them go crazy makes you remember your childhood vacations.
You become nostalgic and feel to relive those moments again with your children.

But there are also times on a vacation when your kids might get annoyed with you.
Some of the examples are as below -:
1. You want to spend more time with your partner and as a result give less time to your kids.
2. The travelling is of more than a day.
3. Due to some mismanagement you have to spend a sleepless night.

Such situations can cause trouble and make your lively kids dull.
So it is good to avoid such things or preplan them if can’t be avoided.

Whenever I go with my kids for a trip I keep the following things in mind to make it memorable and ensure that they have the best of times.
1. First of all I choose a destination which has lot of things for children like theme parks, zoos, museums, aquariums etc. This way they can learn while having fun.
2. Next in line is accommodation. As my kids love swimming pools and indoor sports like squash and billiards, I always choose a resort or hotel which has all of them.
3. One of my kids love Chinese while the other hop over Italian so I make sure to choose a hotel which provides multi-cuisines.
4. Finally depending upon the climate of the place I make sure to keep the required clothes and other stuff for them.

All the times, please remember that you are on a vacation so don’t be a Hitler and impose your rules on the kids. Play, enjoy and go crazy with them as vacation is just a short time but memories are forever.

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