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Most touching & powerful movie of the decade - Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain

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On the nights of December 2 and 3, 1984, the world's deadliest industrial disaster ever took place.
Over 5,00,000 people were exposed to toxic MIC (Methyl Isocyanate) gas leaked from Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal.

More than 3500 people died on the same night, 8000 were dead within two weeks and more than 8000 have since died because of gas-related diseases.

India is a country where the cheapest thing is life and the same happened in the case of Bhopal gas tragedy. It took years and years for the Indian government to actually provide some justice to the victims or their family.

Yes I have used the words "Some Justice" or "A bit of Justice" because of the fact that it is actually 20% of what all could have been done.

If such tragedy would have happened in USA or UK :
1. The top officials would have been arrested.
2. All the plants of the company would have been shut down.
3, A compensation of more than $10 billion would have been charged.

But as we know it's India and here the attitude is "Sab Chalta hai" ; let the common man suffer.

Anyways let’s now divert our attention to the other side.
There are people, institutions and organizations that have made efforts to bring this issue before the world and help victims get justice.

Lot of documentaries, short films and videos have been made on this ghastly subject.
All of them portrays the message in a very unique and powerful way but what touched my heart the most is the movie "Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain" .

Thanks to Indiblogger who gave me the opportunity to watch the special screening of it.

A big MNC, "Union Carbide" makes its way to the heart of the city of lakes -"Bhopal".
Delighted by the arrival of a behemoth, people of the city, especially the lower class, builds hopes of getting a decent job. One of them is a rickshaw driver Dilip.
His present condition makes him try desperately to land up a job in the company and he finally succeeds in it.
Though people are given jobs but none of them is made aware about the safety measures taken while working.
A major accident leads to his promotion but also brings the safety standards of the company under the lens.
In spite of the utterly risky safety standards, everyone stays mum because for them their job is the most previous thing in the world.
Finally that auspicious day comes in Dilip’s life when his sister is going to get married.
But he never knew in his worst dreams that it will also be the last day for him and his family.
The negligence of safety standards finally leads to dire consequences when MIC gets leaked out in the city.
More than 3000 people die on the same night.
There is not even a foot space left in the hospitals which are packed with patients suffering from the unbearable pain caused by the deadly gas.

Thousands of people are still suffering from the side effects of the gas tragedy.


Dilip role is played by Rajpal Yadav which according to me is his best till now.
The Comedy king also gives a touch of humor to otherwise a very sensitive and serious role. Hats off to him for doing full justice to his role.

Tannishtha Chatterjee gets to play Dilip’s wife who supports him well.

Kal Penn as Motwani the journalist is just superb.
His timing and punches are bang on.

Mischa Barton as Eva Gascon is quite graceful.
Her interview with Warren Anderson in the car is a treat to watch.

Finally Martin Sheen as Warren Anderson fits perfectly into the shoes of the Chairman of UCIL. He carries the right amount of maturity needed for the role.

My Opinion

Overall '
Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain' is one of the most touching & powerful movies of the decade.
The film oozes reality in every scene. You actually feel as if you are witnessing the people suffer right in front of your eyes and experience every bit of their pain.
A must watch for every Indian.

The Director of the movie Ravi Kumar has taken a bold step by making movie on such a sensitive subject. Let’s support the cause and spread the message given by the movie as much as possible.

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Official release worldwide on 5th Dec. Checkout more here

                                            Here is the much awaited trailer.

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