Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blog to feed a child : A BSR activity

India is home to more than 400 million children which is more than the entire population of North America. So we should be happy about the future of India which is in the hands of so many young brains ready to take it to new heights.

But the reality is actually sad and painful.
Over 40% of these children suffer from malnourishment.
More than 12 million children have to choose work over education as they to to contribute in the family's income. 50% of children enrolled in school have to leave it in between because they need to earn 2 square meal a day.
The biggest problem of India is uneven distribution of national income between different classes of society. The Upper class is getting richer everyday while the lower class has to struggle to earn 2 square meal. Poverty is affecting the health and education of children.
A hungry stomach needs to be satisfied first then a mind in quest for knowledge.

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So the next question is what all steps can be taken to eliminate this classroom hunger

National Level
1. The India government should start a new initiative focused on eliminating the classroom                     hunger something similar on the lines of Swach Bharat.
2. Celebrities and Politicians should actively involve in promoting it and also donating their bit.
3. NGO's and other Social Welfare Institutions like Akshaya Patra should come forward to start
    new activities linked to the government's initiative. They should also encourage business and
    industrialists to donate for this noble cause.

Personal Level
1. We can participate in various CSR activities happening in our office related to the campaign.
2. Monetary donation in government's fund or via NGOs
3. Spreading awareness about the campaign through social media
4. Writing blogs about the campaign, highlighting various ways to contribute towards the cause.
5. Encouraging brands to come up with various activities and products focusing on the message of
    eliminating classroom hunger and no child labor.

Let's contribute towards this noble cause.
Feeding a mouth for entire year will give us much more blessings then visiting hundreds of temples and donating money there.

My new year resolution is to feed atleast one child. It's really simple. So why not you too make it yours.

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I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.

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