Sunday, November 23, 2014

Get Lucky with Lucky 6

In today’s hectic life everyone wants something which refreshes them and also doesn't eat their time.
If it is free then it’s a cherry on the cake.

The best known medium today is online games.
Google play store is full of such games which are fun to play.
At the top of the list are games like Candy Crush, Criminal Case which are quite addictive but you don’t get anything in return out of them. They are no rewards in term of money or offers. Sometimes you even have to spend money to buy lives and other stuff.

Someone took a notice of it and came out with a solution.
These people are the creators of Fat Cat Gaming and they are on a mission to make the gamers lucky.
They have come out with a game which is user friendly – easy to learn and play.
Also they took care that it is not boring and a person has to use his skills, knowledge and judgement to win.
The final product was Lucky 6.

It just took me few minutes to download the App. You can download it from here
Here is my review for the same.

                                            Image source - fatcatgaming

About the game
Lucky 6 is a lottery with a difference.
You have to select 6 brands from a list of pre-selected brands which vary from 50-100.
There is something called Game Day and Game end.
Game day is on Wednesday when the Japanese stock exchange open at 5:30 a.m. IST.
Game end is the following day when US stock exchange closes around 1:00 a.m. IST.
The brands performance is evaluated between these time periods only.
The best performing brands are those that have highest rank determined by the % increase in their stock price on the Game day.
And here comes the best part of the game, The JACKPOT of 25 lakhs.
The person whose 6 selected brands are the best performing brands at the game end wins it.

I have selected the following brands
1. State Bank Of India
2. Kotak Bank
3. Google
4. Facebook
5. HDFC bank
6. ICICI bank.

After the selection a ticket no is been associated to it.
Lets see how lucky I get. Fingers crossed.

Pros of the game
1. You have nothing to lose.
2. There is clarity regarding payment and prizes.
3. The prizes are huge ranging from 25 lakhs jackpot to exotic holidays.
4. You can share with your friends and become a referrer.
    So if your friend wins a prize you get 25% of that amount as bonus.

Cons of the game
1. Online lottery is not that famous among Indians so it will be a test for Lucky 6, how lucky it gets.
2. The understanding of the game is a bit difficult at the initial level. For example I am still confused       about how the rankings will be given as the brands belong to different markets.. But I think I will       eventually understand the process after playing the game for 2-3 times.

Final Verdict
I will definitely recommend Lucky 6 to every game lover mainly because of 2 points
 Firstly to have a different experience altogether.
 And secondly because of the fact that you get to win big without investing anything.

So try your luck now..:)

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