Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pre Marital Sex - Yes or No.

This 3 letter word is one of the most used words in English.
In India just the mention of it raises eyebrows and what not.
Yes you guessed it right, the word is "SEX".

In recent times "SEX Education" has become mandatory in lot of Indian schools and people are now openly talking about it, but safety still remains a big issue.

Today's youngsters are not afraid of what culture, society, relatives and religion will say.
They will call them "A-SANSKARI" or immoral and even give a negative character certificate but these things doesn't matter to them.
That's good, but what worry me most is they are also the blind followers.

They are attracted towards the western culture and are following it religiously but also are ignorant about the do's and dont's of it.
In and out time of a relationship has reduced to a day. One night stands and blind dates have increased considerably.
In such situations it is really important to know your limits otherwise the consequences are for life long.

So according to me Pre Martial Sex is a No.
Also I thought to confirm if my thinking matches with my friends and for that I Whatsapp them the question and to my delight 12 out of 15 said "No".

Here are the reasons for this "No" -

1. Trust and loyalty has decreased significantly. Today it is you, tomorrow you could be replaced.
    So its better to save your virginity for your soulmate than a temporary jerk.

2. Blackmailing through videos and photos is a common trend now a days. Every week newspapers
    are filled with news about people blackmailing their Ex after marriage threatening to make their
    personal moments public. Even it is happening with many celebrities.

3. Safety while having sex has increased but still is far from the point of satisfaction.
    There are lot of diseases which can spread through unsafe sex making you suffer for lifelong.

4. Boy and girl loves each other but there are high chances of their family opposing the marriage
    because of caste or status differences. In many cases the emotional torture from family
    becomes so intolerable that the only option left is to surrender to their stubbornness and
    marry someone else.
    So its better to loose virginity to someone whom you are sure to spend your life with.

5. If you have pre martial sex and marry someone else there will be always comparison which can be
    dangerous for your married life.

This post is written as part of a contest YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex on Indiblogger.

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