Thursday, January 21, 2016

ZiPi - Your one stop App for everything

What’s the buzz?
There is a new mobile application available on android and iOS platform which is taking the app world by a storm. Launched on 15th January, it is one stop app where you can find restaurants, order food, book taxi, find flights/hotels, check movie timings, hire professionals, book an appointment with doctor, know about latest events and much more.
Let’s know more about the App, ZiPi.

About the App
ZiPi is an app where all your needs are integrated together in the simplest way possible.
It’s two awesome features, Smart search and Chat based assistance gets everything done in the most smoothest way possible.
Also local businesses can connect with ZiPi to engage with their customers and boost sales through targeted mobile marketing.

Why you should use ZiPi?
There are 3 USBs of ZiPi
1.       One Stop App
Without switching between apps, do more things with just one-app. Finish set of tasks on a single go.
2.       Chat based assistance
Are you tired of browsing through different apps but can’t get the right deal/offer/info you want.
Shout out at team ZiPi and they will get the things done over a chat.
3.       Offers & Savings
They have exciting local deals, customized offers and loyalty programs for the users.

Why businesses should connect with ZiPi ?
There are 5 main reasons why businesses should prefer ZiPi
1.       It helps them know the customer like never before and engage them through target mobile marketing.
2.       Businesses can promote new products & services in the most efficient way.
3.       It leverages mobile and social technology with zero development cost.
4.       Businesses get access to robust analytics and critical customer data.
5.       And lastly ZiPi is a fun and easy way to increase customer visit frequency and boost sales at an affordable cost.

How ZiPi works ?
Working on the app-within-an-app model, ZiPi is a hybrid of native and web based applications allowing it to unlock the true potential of the user smart phone. It is a strong blend of Technology, Content & Services. It has partnered with various specialized apps and service providers by integrating their content and services in the app to provide a seamless one stop solution to the user.

My Experience of ZiPi
So last night I downloaded the app and here is my experience of the same.
There are 3 ways to sign up on the app, through Facebook, Gmail or Name.
In all the 3 ways there is mobile no verification.
After feeding the verification code I was able to sign up on the app.
So here is the first look of the homepage.

I started my exploration through Quick Apps.
Assistant is really a unique concept. You can Ask Anything and it will respond within 5 minutes. Wow !! that’s cool..

My Cards features cards from different shops & stores, where after taking the membership you can avail lot of offers and discounts.


Dine Out and Nightclub options are just superb.


I was amazed to see so many categories available to choose from. Just loved the small cylindrical shaped icons, quite presentable indeed.

Next I clicked on the Search which is present on the top rightmost corner.
Incredible..!! A plethora of options appeared in front of me, each having ocean full of information.
It has everything a common man uses, needs and can think of in his daily life.
Here are the screenshots from the same.





There are options to change your city also.


The businesses and service providers can easily register themselves using the business owner option on the sidebar.


ZiPi is a plethora of information.
It is indeed an app which is one stop solution to all the needs of a user and a great platform for the businesses and service providers to connect with the customers.
It helps you save time which is wasted on trying different apps for different needs.
Assistant feature is it’s USB.
Once the payment option gets fully functional I am predicting this app to be the next big thing in the app world.


  1. very interesting app... there are so many now that sometimes I get confused :-p

    1. I have a feeling that this one will become big..:)

  2. That's pretty fancy... I am always amazed at how people's brain's come up with things!

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