Thursday, January 7, 2016

HeyBiz - Making Business More Human..!!

What’s the buzz?
There is a new mobile application available on android and iOS platform which is taking the small business world in India by a storm. It is a place where the users can connect, follow, chat and get their queries answered from businesses and serves in a desired local area.
Let’s know more about the app, HeyBiz.

About the App
HeyBiz was launched in January 2015 with an idea backed by inspiration of making small business of India, digital on mobile. HeyBiz is a pioneering free mobile application available on android and IOS platforms where the users can connect, follow, chat and get their queries answered from businesses and services in the close vicinity of their location without having to share their contact details.


HeyBiz features
1. A user can chat directly with the expert in a real time conversation, ask questions, get opinions and     advice and expert will help them with the best solution and business within their location taking
care of the quality standards at the same time.
2. It helps local vendors to come online and sell their products at the best possible rate.
3. HeyBiz understands the companies and customers well and offers an effective platform for Sales-
    Marketing-Support (SMS) of the businesses on smart phones, helping the businesses grow.
    The company identifies its trade with L-Commerce (Local Commerce) empowering local business
by  helping customers and businesses both to reach their target audience and avail the desired 
    services  basis their needs in a more useful way.

Meet the founder
Mr. Bhartesh Chhibbar is the founder of HeyBiz and has a rich experience in developing and enhancing technology to make it viable.
Earlier he was the Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at RockeTalk Technology where he has been instrumental in developing the RockeTalk technology from the conceptual stage to the current platform. Before Rocketalk, Mr. Bhartesh Chhibbar was a Technical Leader at Cisco systems, San Jose, USA for six years where he worked on voice over IP Technology.
His passion for technology and getting the same to small and medium businesses led him to build this unique mobile application.

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