Friday, January 15, 2016

My magical formula of turning good mornings into gold mornings..!!

There are lots of activities which are part of my morning schedule.

Sometimes I go for a walk with my friends, sometimes its yoga time with my neighbors, a morning cricket match is always on the list on weekends, sometimes I play my favorite PS4 games with my gang of gamers and sometimes I love to go for early morning salsa classes.

All these activities help me turn my good mornings into gold mornings.

In all of the above activities one thing is of utmost importance and that is freshness.
A fresh and hygienic person is liked and respected by all.

I remember those days when one of my good friends used to have bad mouth breath and because of that many of his friends including me were hesitant in hanging out with him.
One day something magical happened as he was no more a stinking onion but as fresh as morning dew.

I was surprised and at the same time very happy for him.
I hugged him tight, said sorry for my rude behavior for past few days and asked about the magical formula which turned his good mornings into gold mornings.

“It is all because of my new companion, Colgate 3600 Charcoal Gold toothbrush”, he said with poise.

                                                                Image Credits : Here

From that day onwards I have also started using it and the results are phenomenal.
It keeps me fresh, positive, confident and above all helps me carry that killer smile all day long.
These days my morning walks have become longer and salsa classes more sizzling as the effect of my killer smile on the opposite sex has started to last longer.

Let me spill some beans and tell you how this magic works.
My Colgate 3600 Charcoal Gold toothbrush has four-fold advantage as it magically cleans all essential mouth surfaces like teeth, tongue, gums & cheeks.
It makes my teeth stronger and cleaner and gives me a magical breath all day long.
It has been also recommended by the Oral Care Professional Brand Recommendation Study conducted by IPSOS.

So if you want magical mornings like mines try the everlasting freshness formula created by Colgate, “Colgate 3600 Charcoal Gold toothbrush”.

Happy  #Colgate360GoldMornings.

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