Saturday, January 9, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando PhotoWalk - Sea of Ice

After enjoying the breathtaking rides in the Sea of Legends it was time to explore the next sea(area), The Sea of Ice.

Sea of ice is themed on the Antarctica continent. As you enter the area there are snow covered mountains which looks so real. Also there are crystalline structures which appear to be made of ice.
The only attraction of this area is Antarctica : Empire of the penguin.
It is a dark ride where the guests follow young penguin on a journey home after a harsh storm. 

The most awwwing part of the ride is at the end when you get to see lot of cute penguins live in front of you. The habitat looks so natural with the right proportion of water and snow.
You can see those cute little creatures swimming, dancing and moving around freely.

Here are some pics from the Sea of Ice.

And here is a video for you -:

In the next post we will cover , Sea of Delight.


  1. Sea world doesn't take care of it's animals. It is notorious for it's commercial attitude.

    1. Ohh really ? I didn't knew about that..
      That's really sad..