Sunday, January 3, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando PhotoWalk - Sea of Shallows

After you enter SeaWorld, head clockwise to visit the first sea of the park, "Sea of Shallows".
This themed area includes 3 major attractions and a variety of animal connections, dinning and shopping places.

Among the 3 attractions the first that you will come across is Manta.
See live manta ray and then enjoy the ride on a mega coaster which is shaped like a manta ray.
This roller coaster takes guests to a height of more than 1000 metres above the park reaching at top speed of 56 miles/hour and features four inversions.
The slogan of this attraction is "Dive deep and fligh high.

The next attraction is dolphin theater which can't be missed at any cost.
Try to reach at least 20 minutes before the start of the show to get a seat providing a nice view. If you can afford to get a little wet try for the splash zone.
Full points to the show which showcases acrobatic dolphins, beautiful birds and amazing stunt actors.
The breathtaking somersaults by beautiful dolphins is a pleasure to eyes.

Last attraction in this area is "Turtle Trek".
This attractions features natural habitat for tropical fishes & sea turtles and a 360 degree domed theatre.
The theatre exhibits a 3D movie about the life of sea turtles, right from the time they are born till they become adult.Also it describes their daily sea adventures.

Variety of animal connections include, Flamingo Cove, Dolphin Nursery, Manta Aquarium, Pelican Preserve, Stingray lagoon and feeding, Dolphin underwater viewing, Dolphin cove & encounter, American Alligators and Sea turtles & Manatees.

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