Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando : Sea of Mystery

After getting delighted by the amazing light show of Mediterranean Village & superb show by cute Sea Lions full of stunts and comedy, it was time to head towards the mysterious area, Sea of Mystery.

It is so called because it is home to the mysterious & clever attackers, Sharks.

There are basically 3 attractions here.

1. Shark Underwater viewing, basically an aquarium where you can watch the sharks and other
    fishes. Also there is shark feeding facility available.
    There is a restaurant called Shark underwater grill where you can view the sharks while
    enjoying your meal.

2. O Wondrous night, the greatest story never told, with more than 30 carols, told through the eyes of      live animals.

3. Sea Garden where you can have animal connection.
    There are sharks, stingrays and lot of other fishes.

In my next post I will cover , Sea of Fun.

Enjoy the pics and if you like them do leave your love in form of comments :)

And here is a video for you -:

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