Saturday, January 23, 2016

SeaWorld Orlando : Sea of Power

So after an enchanting encounter with the sharks it was time to watch the main attraction of SeaWorld, "The Killer Whales", so we headed towards the last sea(area) of SeaWorld ,
Sea of Power.

There are mainly 2 attractions in Sea of Power -:
1. The Shamu Stadium
2. Wild Arctic

The Shamu Stadium hosts "One Ocean" as its main show.
We also had a lady singer that night to enhance our experience and double our entertainment.
Undoubtedly Killer Whales are the cutest thing and "One Ocean" the best show in SeaWorld.
The way these Ocra Whales weighing more than 4 tones were performing breathtaking somersaults and stunts, was definitely a delight to watch for any human being.

Here are some snaps from the show -:

And here are the videos -:

Wild Arctic is an indoor animal exhibit hosting White Whales, Pacific Walrus and Harbour Seals.
It was phenomenal experience as I have never seen this creatures before.


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