Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Travel social networking app - TraveLibro

A new buzz in Travel App Industry
Are you the one who prefers to go off the beaten track and find something new with every destination.

Do you love to cherish and share your travel experiences with family, friends and fellow travelers?
Are you looking for an app where you can plan, experience, share and cherish your travel memories all under one roof?
Here is what you should try, TraveLibro the first out-and-out travel social networking app that is sure to make you a seasoned pocket traveler!

About TraveLibro
Founded in 2014, TraveLibro strives to cater to a travellers’ past, present and future travel experiences. The world-class platform not only helps travelers to connect with friends, fellow travelers & travel agents but also provides niche itineraries along with well researched information on must do's, hotels and restaurants for about 1200 destinations. This information is integrated with a ‘‘Pre-Plan your Next Holiday" feature which allows users to plan their next dream holiday in a few simple steps.  The USP of the app is the ‘ON THE GO’ feature which automatically tracks the user’s journey and allows friends travelling together to post moments in a shared timeline. The ‘Travel Diary’ consists of a Personal Travel Map, an interactive Travel Tracker, a Bucket List and a Timeline of past vacations. The portal currently has 1200 destinations, over 10,000 hotels, more than 35,000 restaurants and over 3000 itineraries listed.

Why TravelLibro
TraveLibro uniquely combines social media with tourism industry, making it a hub for the travellers to share and carve out their adventures. It makes the travelling process easier by listing information on over 100 countries with top must-do’s, itineraries, best travel agents and hotel & restaurant recommendations on over 1200 destinations for every kind of traveller: backpackers, on-budget trotters, family vacationers, honeymooners, etc. As a user, it allows you to upload and share itineraries, pictures, videos, travel stories and also publish your journeys live, via our app. TraveLibro makes the world of travellers smaller by bringing them together, only to show how large it truly is.

Meet the Chairman & MD
Monish Shah is the chairman and managing director of TraveLibro that was founded in 2014.
Prior to TraveLibro, Monish worked as the Vice President of Equity Trading in Global Equities at DB Centre Pvt. Ltd. The idea of TraveLibro germinated while Monish perceived a gap in the travel market when he was researching destinations for his own honeymoon.
He has about 8 years of experience in both India and the United Kingdom assuming roles in verticals such as Investment Banking, Finance and Global Markets.
Monish holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies from University of Mumbai and has completed a Masters in Science from the ICMA Centre, University of Reading.
He is also an enthusiastic traveler and it was a blend of his personal experiences and the curiosity to turn the corners of the world inside-out that sparked the idea of TraveLibro.

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  1. This is so cool! I love checking out local and random places when I travel. The usual tourist attractions are great but the places the locals go are where I want to be!

    1. I completely agree with your point..You actually get the feel of the city by visiting the places where locals go...thnx for dropping by...would love to see you more often..:)