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Future of Wind Energy in India - Windergy India

Energy requirements in India
India is the second most populous country in the world and also it is the fourth largest energy consumer. The exponential growth in the rate of energy consumption is the main cause of energy shortage, as well as energy resources depletion in India.

Electricity shortage is one of the biggest energy problems India is facing today. Still a large chunk of it's population has no access to the modern energy services.
Also India is the second most fastest growing economy in the world and to sustain the economic growth there is a need of continuous supply of energy which places a huge demand on it's energy resources.

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How to solve India's energy problems
There is a huge gap between India's demand and supply of energy which can be only fulfilled by increasing the energy sources. Non-renewable sources of energy are limited and depleting at a great pace so the need of the hour is to utilize renewable sources of energy.
The advantages of moving towards renewable sources of energy are
1. Indigenous in nature
2. Low generation cost
3. No pollution
4. Surplus availability

The major sources of renewable energy are
1. Wind Energy
2. Solar Energy
3. Small Hydro Power
4. Biomass Power

Among all the four Wind Energy is the best solution, lets see how.

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Advantages of Wind Energy
1. It is a clean sources of energy unlike biomass energy.
2. Wind is a domestic source of energy which is in abundant supply.
3. It is the lowest priced renewable energy and hence cost effective.
4. Building a turbine doesn't occupy much land space.

Wind Energy in India
Wind energy program was commenced in India during 1983-84 and in the last few years it has increased rapidly. India stands fifth in the installed capacity of wind energy in the world.
Also India has a vast coastline which is a good source of fresh wind.
There are high number of wind farms in India mainly located in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
The major source of wind energy in India are
a. Offshore Wind Turbines
b. Highway Windmill


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Windergy India
Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association has launched Windergy India – a unique digital platform to create awareness about the Wind Energy sector in India. Windergy India, is slated to be the voice of the Wind Energy industry.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has set ambitious targets for the Wind Energy sector. As the sector aims to reach 60,000 MW capacities, it needs the support of the government.

Windergy India aims to create wider public awareness on the benefits of wind energy, and the sectors efforts in India. Its mission to develop recommendation for Wind Energy among the general public.

Towards this, we have set up our presence on social media platforms. We are also developing a website, and working on a series of campaigns to help spread awareness about the benefits of wind energy as a viable solution to India's energy crisis and its impact on global warming and climate change.

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Future of Wind Energy in India
India has set a target of achieving overall wind energy installed capacity of 27,300 MW by 2017

and 38,500 MW by 2022. But the bad thing is Indian wind industry has slowed in growth.
To increase the power and energy by wind we need to change the old turbine with the new modern ones, the process is called repowering.

In the current time the Indian wind energy market is going through a new revolution with more investments done in this sector. Suzlon energy has emerged out as the biggest player in this sector.

There are few challenges in the way but can be resolved easily -:
1. Good wind sites are at remote location, far from cities where electricity is need the most.
    But we have transmission lines through which electricity can be brought the cities easily.
2. The turbines cause some noise pollution but that is bearable as compared to the pollution caused
    by conventional power plants.

Future and development of India depends upon many factors: one of them is being self dependent for its energy demands.
Wind energy is a great source to fulfill India’s energy needs as well as develop its economy.
Many research and development centers should be opened for further enhancement and progress of wind  power. Subject related to wind power technology and other renewable energy technologies must  be  introduced in colleges and schools to get more young minds into this field.

Right now India is headed towards a slower energy production rate but if it wants to meet it's visionary energy installed capacity targets there is a need to enhance production & utilization of renewable energies among which wind energy holds the most importance.

Watch very knowledgeable videos created by Windergy India here

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