Friday, December 25, 2015

25th December - A special day in my life

25th December might just be Christmas for you but for me this day is very special.

It had been 2 years,
a rollercoaster ride.
There were lots of up & downs,
but our love never died.

It was my first time in church
and I only prayed for us.
I was selfish in front of god,
as I wanted our love to grow at XL plus plus.

We had our crazy fights, mad love
and moments of silence.
Our starting was a bit rough,
but with time we became an unbreakable alliance.

Respect, loyalty & truthfulness,
were the foundation of our love.
But at times misunderstandings took centre stage,
giving our actual foundation a hefty shove.

Joy, fear, surprise, anger, happiness, love, confusion, relaxation,
hope & togetherness, I have experienced all emotions with you.
Now I just want to live a life,
where whatever I do, I do it with you.

God definitely has some plans for us,
though I am not fully aware of them.
But in every situation I will always pray for your happiness & success,
because you are my most precious gem.

I was alone, in the wait for the right person in my life.
It was Dec 25th, 2013 when you walked in and filled that place.
Since then I became complete. 

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