Sunday, September 28, 2014

That day when she went to the Jungle

This story is of the time when India was still under the British rule.

Sushila Devi and her family used to live in a small village of Madhya Pradesh called Singoli.
It was surrounded by jungle from 3 sides and as there were no proper sanitation facilities so everyone used to go to jungle for disposing the human waste.

It was a normal routine for Sushila Devi too.
She used to get up before sunrise and the first thing was to pick the Lota and head towards jungle.

Today is also like just another day is what Sushila Devi thought but she didn't knew it was going to change her life. After brushing her teeth she headed towards jungle.
It was still dark as the winters were in full flow. After finding a suitable place as she was about to sit , voice of a child crying loudly started coming. She ignored it for sometime thinking that the mother of child might have gone for excretion and will return back for him.

But after 10 mins when the voice kept on coming continuously she made her way towards the source of it.
After walking for 100 meters she saw a pigeon tower or Chabutra where a child was bowling.
His back was towards her. There was no one around which was quite surprising.

As she went towards him and picked him up she was scared like hell !!!!
The child had no eyebrows, nose, eyes and lips. It was a face as plain as a white paper.

Slowly it started growing bigger and bigger. At one point it became as big as herself.
She was going to faint but somehow managed to run away from that place.

After that incident she fell ill.
Her condition deteriorated with every coming week. There also came a time when she started behaving like a psycho.
At that time her uncle who was a great devote of Lord Mahavir took her to Shri Mahavirji temple.
She was kept there for a week and it was really magical to see that she recovered completely.

It is a true story.
Supernatural powers used to show their presence frequently at that time and are still in existence today.
A spirit can be good or bad depending on the what its motive is. But not to forget there is one supreme power above all which is there to protect us, GOD.
The only thing it requires is faith and a pious heart.

This post is written for the Indipire Topic : Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time :-)

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  1. It has similar connotations with Ruskin Bond's story a face in the dark...glad the lady recovered....Jungles have their secrets.

    1. Ohh really !! I will definitely read it then.
      Yeah that's the bright part of the story...Jungles are mysterious.

  2. So glad the lady recovered... but hat an experience!

    1. Yeah in such cases no one knows what will happen next..recovery is very slow and sometimes negligible