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Game of Blogs : Siege Saga- Round III (Part 28 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers


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Shekhar was shaken to the core by the series of events that had took place in the past couple of days.

Kareem , who was their only source of information about the lethal mission of terrorists was dead.
Ahana was in a state of shock after she saw the badly disfigured face of Kareem.
Whereabouts of Tara, the woman whom he loved the most was still unknown.
Aryan as per Shekhar’s secret sources was in Dubai to meet his Godfather.
Who was this godfather and how powerful was he?
Was he the same person who is considered to be the Supremo of ISI was still a mystery?

Everyone in his team was scratching his head to get some clue of the happenings when suddenly a picture appeared on their computer screens.
It looked more like a puzzle.

After 30 seconds the puzzle disappeared and a picture of post bomb blast appeared.


Hell man !!! What are these B***tards now after?
Haven’t they had enough bloodshed till date?
Bloody Monsters !!!!

Shekhar was red with anger, but suddenly the color of his face became pale.
Was someone able to crack the puzzle, he asked in a state of despair.
Yes sir on the verge to crack it, just give me 10 minutes came a voice from behind.
There are 2 dates in the picture. One of them is 31st December and the other one is 1st January.
31st December is the date when he is born and 1st January is the day when it is true only in a year.
Cyrus was not only a blogger but he was also a puzzle master.

Bravo man !!! You are really a genius Shekhar hugged Cyrus.
Guys quickly I want to 2 teams.
1.       Team 1 who is going to find out the events on 31st December and 1st January.
2.       Team 2 who is going to get me the best hackers of India.
I want to track the source of this message.
“Are we clear officers?”  , Shekhar asked loudly.
Yes sir, the reply came in unison.

Quickly team 1 came with the list of events on both the days.
Shekhar went through each of the event mentioned.
There were lots of New Year parties where many celebrities were going to appear.
Also there was India vs Australia match on 1st January in Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.
This can be the event which we were looking for, he thought in his mind.

Sir, we have people from your wife’s channel.
They are talking about some secret cam which was hidden in Tara’s shoes.
When they got a bit of signal from it , they could hear somebody saying “This Delhi Traffic”.
So basically Tara and other journalists are in Delhi.
The hackers were also able to identify the IP address of the source machine.
It was from Dubai which confirmed the info about Aryan,

After combining all the information together, one thing which was now clear to Shekhar was Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium is where the bombs are going to be placed whose remote control is in Dubai.
Only 2 days were left for 1st January so they had to act on it quickly.

Without wasting a fraction of second he called for a meeting with all the high officials of Indian Intelligence.
Finally 4 things were concluded out of it.
1.       Hack the computers which are used to control the bombs and deactivate them.
2.       Get all the hostages back safe and sound.
3.       Nab Aryan and his Godfather dead or alive.
4.       Special safety for the BARC scientists.

     "Guys I just have one thing to say, shoot those cowards right in the middle of the skull", Shekhar said in a tone which was never heard from him before.

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