Sunday, October 12, 2014

#WordUp Indiblogger meet powered by BigRock !!!

Listen - Learn - Express were the 3 words which showed up when I opened the Indiblogger Home page.
Yipiee !! a new blogger's meet in Mumbai powered by BigRock - the best destination for buying domains & websites.
I opened the page to register for the meet and Oh Boy !!!, it couldn't have got bigger then this.

Speakers for the day -:
1. Varun Krishnan -      Founder of India's most popular mobile reviews destination                                                                    ""
2. Amit Agrawal -         The Big B of Blogsphere.
3. Anshul Tewari -        Founder of a revolutionary initiative for youth -""
4. Vinit Goneka -           National Co-Convener for BJP's information technology cell.
5. Scherezade Shroff -  A Fashionista who is the perfect example of what happens when beauty
                                        indulges with fashion.
6. C S Krishna -            Satire guru who writes for The UnReal Times.
7, Harsh Agrawal -       Founder of ShoutMeLoud - one of the most popular technology blog in                                               India.He is also a very renown SEO guru.
8. Lakshmi Rebecca -   Owner of Red Bangle, a film production house that's made over 300 films
                                        including Ad films, Corporate films, Web films & Animated films.
                                        She also features a online talk show , "Chai with Lakshmi" which has over
                                        30,00,000 views. Sunit Singh the lead designer at Cleartrip for her guest for
                                        today's  show.
9. Snigdha Manchanda - Founder of TeaTrunk & Story Ninja.

I registered quickly and was eagerly waiting to listen to the young entrepreneurs share their success stories.

Finally the day came.
I had never woke up so early on Saturday specially for a blogger's meet but this was something different and I was determined not to miss listening to any of the speakers.

The venue was Blue Frog in Lower Parel one of the most happening places in Mumbai.

I with my blogger friends reached the destination around 8:45 a.m.
The team of BigRock greeted us amiably and gave a token of gesture from their side.
Will tell you later what they gave us. Till then let the curiosity build up..;)

As we entered inside the venue, the ambiance was amazing as usual.
The stage was occupied with a drum, speakers and 3 mike stands. This was really interesting.
Start of the day with some boom boom, bang bang was definitely on the rocks.

To our surprise the whole IndiTeam except Renie made their presence on the stage. Anup and Karthik were looking great with their guitars. Nihal was ready to explode with the vocal and the most interesting was the drummer- A cute girl from Philippines.

The show was really rocking and all the crazy bloggers got of their seat banging their heads with the IndiBand. After the Rockstar performance it was time to call the Speakers on the stage.

The talk session started with Mr Vinit Goneka.
As a national Co-Convener for BJP's information technology cell he talked about BJP's presence on social media and their plans to improve it. He also told that no tweet addressed to him is left answered.

Next was Amit Agarwal - the Big B of Blogsphere.
He gave us tips on how to increase traffic on the blog , how to improve content as it is the king.
There are more than 15 slides in his PPT which covered every aspect on how to become a PRO blogger.

Anshul Tewari the founder of YouthKiAwaaz was next on stage to share his story.
His journey from a blogger to a journalist was really inspiring. He also gave tips on how to
promote one's blog and how can one bring a change in the society through it.

After listening to this inspiring story it was time to call the next speaker Lakshmi Rebecca who had an equally inspiring story to tell.
The session started with a video which showed one of the clips of her show "Chai with Laxmi".
I loved the concept of Entrepreneurs sharing their success stories on her show. 100%  thought provoking. Next we had a live show where Lakshmi called up Mr Sunit Singh- Lead Designer at

After the talk got over IndiTeam came up with a fun game "Guess the Number" just to ease out on the dose of GyanGanga. In this game the host picks anyone from the audience and asks him/her to select a number between 1-10. There were flipkart gift vouchers for some lucky ones.

Another Guru made his way to the middle of the stage. This time it was Phone Guru, Varun Krishnan the founder of
There was no phone in the market which was not reviewed by him to quench his thirst of getting the perfect phone.
He also talked about blog monetization and ways of doing it.

The last speaker before lunch was another Guru in the making. This time it was satire guru C S Krishna from The UnRealTimes.
He told us how humor can be used into blogging but you need to play safe with your words specially when your article is on a politician. He also shared his personal experiences on how not playing safe got him into trouble.

It was the most favorite time of mines and I guess everyone out there - Lunch Time.
There were delicious varieties to try and the pastries were just amazing.
I filled my stomach until it cried and made my way to our table as the session was going to start soon.

Post lunch the first speaker on board was the gorgeous Scherezade Shroff -  A Fashionista who is the perfect example of what happens when beauty indulges with fashion. She was a vblogger who has more than 1 million views on her channel.
People didn't ask any questions in this session may be because they didn't hear much..:P

Now was the time for another Guru. This time it was SEO Guru- Harsh Agarwal
He was the founder of tech blog -ShoutMeLoud. As a SEO guru he gave us a lot of SEO tips and tricks.

The penultimate speaker for the day was another pretty lady -Snigdha Manchanda.
This cute girl was the founder TeaTrunk and Story Ninja.
For the first time in life I heard about someone blogging about different varieties of Tea.
This entrepreneur through TeaTrunk provides people with good quality tea. This Tea specialist is also a storyteller who makes people aware about the complete cycle of writing a story.

After a lot of GyanGanga came Bhavish Ailani with his laughter therapy.
This stand up comedian was successfully able to tickle the funny bone of the bloggers.
I loved some of his jokes and gags.

Finally it was time to bid goodbye to all as the meet was about to end but this time there was something else also in store. The IndiTeam again called everyone on the floor as it was time for more head banging.

Group photo and pics with blogger friends marked the end of the meet.

Did I miss something ?
Ohh yes the token of gesture from BigRock

So here I reveal the secret.
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