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When I fell ill on Diwali..

Children are the powerhouse of a home.
Their hullaballoo, energy and activities make a place come alive.

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But they are also the most vulnerable of all in the family.
Their immunity is not as strong as the adults in the home.
Once ill they take a longer time to recover.

Same was the case with me during my childhood.
I was the livewire of my house.

There was no single moment when I was not busy with some or the other activity.
Visiting post office to pay electricity and phone bills, accompanying mom to the fruits market and
filling water in the containers were some of my responsibilities.

I was also the prime source of energy in my society.
On Holi I used to be the first person to color everyone.
When Dussehra came I used to be the head of the team who made Ravan.
During Navratri I used to be the most enthusiastic of the dancing lot.
Any festival or occasion was incomplete without me.

It was Diwali time.
Everyone was busy in their preparations.
Home cleaning, renovations, whitewashing, light decorations and sweets making were the major activities.

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As a child I loved Diwali the most of all the festivals.
The reasons were quite simple. It was the only festival when my parents bought me new clothes, relatives gave me gifts, mom made my favorite sweets and I could burst innumerable crackers.

A day before Dhanteras I fell ill.
It was severe cough and cold which was followed by fever.
I was allergic to dust and during the home cleaning it grew more.

Lots of medicines, Khichdi in food and ample bed rest were suggested by the doctor.
Also seeing my condition I was asked not to burn any cracker as it would ruin my condition further.
I was very upset and started crying.
Seeing my condition my parents also became tensed.

The lights decoration was still to be done. Only half of the Diwali dishes were prepared by mom as all her time went in taking care of me.
My society friends were also sad as I could not join them in burning crackers.

Due to increasing pollution caused by crackers my condition deteriorated to the extent that I had to be hospitalized.
It was Diwali day and my family was in hospital.
It took me two days to recover from the weakness.
For 2 days the only house in the society which had no lights, no diyas , no rangoli and no crackers was ours.

Every year the house which everyone in the society had their eyes on was Jain Vila i.e. our house.
Right from the light decorations, beautiful rangoli to different varieties of colorful crackers made our house the centre of attraction. This year was no different but the reason was not the same.

This was not the first time when I had to be hospitalized because of my allergy.
Many renowned doctors of the city examined me but their medicines couldn’t find a cure.
It was then on Diwali get-together when one of my relatives suggested Dabur Chyawanprash to my parents.
I took it religiously for 6 months and to everyone’s surprise my allergy disappeared.
Also I did yoga but the major changes came when I stated eating Chyawanprash.

It has been 10 years now and I have never missed any Diwali because of my allergy issues.
Thanks to Dabur Chyawanprash for eradicating it from the root.


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