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Game of Blogs : Siege Saga- Round II (Part 12 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers

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“As-salamu alaykum”.

“Wa laikum As Salaam!!” 

Tara was telling that the mastermind to the attacks has been nabbed, is it true?

"Yeah Ibrahim Rehman has been nabbed  but your father is safe. I just had a talk with him 10 minutes back, he managed to flee from BARC".

"Thank God!! I just had a heart attack, Is it fine to call Abba".

"No not now, it can be risky. For the time being I am the only one who can connect to him but don’t worry you will get to meet him soon".

“Khuda hafiz Ahana”.

“Khuda hafiz Kareem”.

Ahana was a bit relieved now. She was happy about the fact that she would get to meet her father soon. But she was also agitated and disappointed by the failure of their mission.
She came to know from her ISI sources that Shekhar, one of the
top RAW agents was behind this failure. 

“He needs to die, I will kill him”, Ahana said, punching the mirror in the washroom in fury and breaking it into pieces.

“Sir we have tracked both the numbers.
One is from the restaurant called YummyWorld which is near to the Hotel Continental.
And the second one is from inside the Hotel Continental.
Let’s catch Ahana and use her as a means to make Kareem and other terrorists surrender”, said one of his team member.
“No Ali, it is not the right time. My mission is to get to the mastermind through her”, Shekhar said in a serious tone.

Soon the Indian defense ministry was there to discuss about the Operation “R” which eventually had become Operation “C”.
It was decided that army will break in the hotel tonight and get it under control before dawn. Shekhar was made the head of the operation.

After the meeting got over Shekhar got to his hotel room.
He had a new mission to accomplish but more than that something else was running in his mind. It was Ahana and her link to his wife Tara.
He wanted to know more about Ahana but how was a big question mark.
It was a tiring day and a bit of sleep was the need of the hour as the night was going to be power-packed and adventurous.

Suddenly there were noises outside his room.
A gun fire was enough for him to sense the situation.
ISI agents send to kill him was his first guess.
He quickly pulled out his gun and got behind the cupboard from where he could see the door.
Two men banged in and started firing from the machine gun.
After 30 seconds of non stop firing when the men came to check out the dead body , Shekhar leaped from the side of the cupboard  shooting bullets right into their skull.

2 down. Shekhar came out of the room to hunt for others.
As he came near the lift a gun was pointed to his head from behind. It was Ahana, the same beautiful face which could  make any man in this world bow to her.
But this time he was not lost. In no time he displayed one of his martial art tricks and the gun was now in his hand.
Your game is over Ahana , now prison is your new home.

Suddenly a bullet pierced through his heart.
As he turned back it was Tara, his wife, holding the gun.
As his body dropped on the ground, he could see two faces coming close to him.
Tara stomped on his heart where the bullet was hit and shot right into his skull.

Shekhar got off his bed , perspiring heavily.
It was a horrible dream, nothing less than a nightmare.
But what if Tara was actually involved and Roohi’s life was in danger? A slight thought of that made him shiver.

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