Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Novel..!!!!!

"How was your weekend", I asked Rahul.

"Don't ask man, it was full of adventure and uncertainties", he replied.

Rahul and I work for the same client, Bank Of America in TCS.
We met while playing Table Tennis and since than became friends.

He comes by the same route to the office as mines so sometimes I get a lift.

"Tell me what happened man ?" I was excited.

He started narrating his experience.

Actually my girlfriend lives in Delhi. From a long time things were a bit bitter between us which got worse in past few days. It was like a do or die situation for me and for that I had to meet her at any cost. It was 11 a.m of Saturday and I was still thinking for a way to meet her.
There is a famous saying, "Delli dor nahi", so I took inspiration from it and booked an AC Chair in Garib Rath which was scheduled to depart from Mumbai around 4:30 p.m.

When I reached station I felt that something was missing.
I need to write something for her. Words are more powerful than actions and though I was writing for her for the first time but I really wanted to wholeheartedly.
Quickly I searched for a novel which had the most number of empty pages. At the extreme corner I found "She broke up, I didn't" by Durjoy Dutta.

In no time I bought it and started thinking of what to write.
Just for tp I started reading the story and man I was amazed.
It was actually my own story, quite a lot of what I have gone through.
I read the complete novel and the last line was the most touching.
Go get her and I did the same I went to get her back, get my love back.
On reaching Delhi I called her.
She was surprised to know that I was in Delhi.

Without thinking much I booked a room in Hyatt Hotel and asked her to meet me there.
When she came I gave her the book asking her to read what is been underlined.

After 20 minutes I could see tears rolling down her pink soft cheeks.
I hugged her tightly and than rest of the things happened on its own.
Finally all was sorted and we were a happy couple.

I dropped her to the hostel and went to meet my friends.
It was time to party. For the first time in my life I had Beer and that too full bottle.

In a hangover condition headed to Mumbai by a morning flight.
Finally reached office around 12 p.m.

In last 48 hours I did things which I never did but finally I had my love back which mattered the most to me ..:)

Thanks a lot Durjoy, your story helped me get her back when she was actually thinking of the break up thing..:)

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