Friday, September 5, 2014

Review of book Private India..

About the Authors

Ashwin Sanghi
An alumnus of Xavier’s College Ashwin Sanghi currently resides in India with his wife and son. He is listed in top 100 celebrities by Forbes India Mumbai and Yale University.

James Patterson.
He is among the biggest selling writers and has written many popular series like Alex cross, Women’s Murder Club and Detective Michael Bennett novels. Also he is well known for many of his romance and stand alone thrillers. Currently he resides in Florida with his family.

What the cover page speaks
Cover page depicts the heritage of Mumbai I.e. India gate, Taj Mahal and Worli sea link which symbolizes Mumbai’s fighting spirit against all odd. Overall it depicts the baseline location of the story perfectly.

About the story
The story is based on the series of murders in which people are dying in the same ritual and with a strange object.  All 8 murder scenes depict 8 avatars of Goddess Durga.  The climax unveils how Santosh Wagh and his team rescue the 9th victim and finds the murderer.
 The series of murders happens in the below sequence -:
1. Dr Kamya Jaiyer
        She is a South East Asian doctor with sharp and attractive features.
2. Bhavna Choksi
        She is a page 3 columnist for a well-known Mumbai newspaper.
3. Priyanka Talati
        She is a sensational singer who had bagged many awards for her singing talent.
4. Elini Xavier
        She is a lady who runs an orphanage and now is a principal of a well know girls school in                   Mumbai.
5. Jara Omprakash.
        She is the hottest and most successful director of Bollywood.
6. Ragini Sharma
        She used to run a brothel and later turned into successful politician.
7. Anjana Lal
        She is a very successful Chief Justice.
8. Devika Gulati
        She is a very renowned Yoga Guru who has many celebrities as her clients.
9. Nisha
        She is a member of Private India, Mumbai Branch. She is the one who is rescued by the Santosh         Wagh and his team.

What I liked.
The storyline is very fascinating and it keeps you on the edge as the thrill increases with every stage of investigation process.
The description of all the characters is very deliberative. Most of the instances mentioned in the story are the one which we come across in our daily life; hence it is quite easy to correlate.
The mystery and suspense are maintained till the end.
The vocabulary is appreciable and language is very simple to understand.

Things that can be improved.
Sometimes it is difficult to capture the flow of the story. Transition from one scene to the other can be made smoother.

My Verdict :
The suspense and thrill is quite captivating. It keeps you guessing about the mystery of the murders till the end.
A must read for all the Sherlock Homes out there..;)

Title: Private India
Author: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books
Pages: 470
Language: English
Cost: 350

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