Thursday, April 7, 2016

RailYatri App : Simplifying Train Travel in India

What’s the buzz?
Recently Gatimaan Express, the fastest train of India started plying from New Delhi to Agra, covering a whopping distance of 188 km in just 100 minutes. Another feather added to the cap of the Indian Railways. No doubt we are witnessing lot of advancements in the Indian Railways which in-turn is attracting more people to travel by trains. In today’s date nearly 20 million people board a train everyday.
But the biggest problem is there is a dearth of information regarding train travel in India, causing passengers to make uninformed decisions that hamper their experiences.

But we don’t have to worry anymore as there is an App in the town which takes care of everything about Indian Railways, the “RailYatri”.


About RailYatri
RailYatri is India’s leading multi modal train travel information provider available in both web and app form. It is one of the most dependable and popular train apps in India.
The brainchild of seasoned experts from IITs and IIM, RailYatri provides the most comprehensive information on trains right from PNR status, train availability to train time tables, passenger amenities, food and platform information.

It also has some fancy features like GPS locator, fare calculator and speedometer.


Features of RailYatri
1. Book a Meal

     Lets start with the newest feature on RailYatri, Book a Meal. You can simply enter your PNR no,
     Train name or Train no and can order premium and delicious meals right from the comfort of your
     seat. Ordering food in train was never so easy.
2. Locals & Metros
At present there are 15 cities listed under this feature for which you can get details of the local and
     metro trains. In future when more cities are added to the list, an alphabetical order with a search
     option would really make it easy and quick for a passenger to directly get to his/her city, especially
      in cities like Mumbai where people are always in hurry.

3. Time Table
You can easily view and download the time table for any train you want by just entering the name
     or no of the train.

4. Train Running Status
With this feature you can get real time status of the train you are in. The app obtains this info by
     using your smartphone’s GPS. If you are not on the train it will display the last status update of the
     train by fetching it from the Railway servers.
     To get the running status you only need to feed the train name or no and you will get the status for
      last 3 days starting today.

5. PNR Status
The most frequently used feature in a Train app is PNR status.
      In RailYatri there is an additional functionality added to this feature which gives you the list of
      the recent PNR searches made.

6. Trains between Stations
Another frequently used feature on a Train App is to check the trains between different stations.
     In RailYatri you also have the additional functionality to download the search result.

7. Seat Availability
Another highly used feature by the Indian train passengers is the Seat Availability.
     Just feed in the train no/name or the From and To station details and the current seat availability
     will be displayed by RailYatri. You can also download the result.

8. Fare Calculator
Indians plan their vacation not according to the destination but according to the total cost they will
     incur in travelling to that place. Fare Calculator feature gives you the fare for different trains 
     which in-turn help you to plan your travel aptly.

9. Speedometer
One of the unique features offered by RailYatri is the Speedometer. Just enter your train name or   
     no and it will display the running speed of the train and will also compare it with the scheduled 

10. RailWisdom
The best feature of RailYatri is RailWisdom. Here they crowd source the data about each
      station and curate it to provide you with the best information possible.
      Right from nearby famous food junctions, transport facilities, must visit places, amenities to other
      important information is displayed on a single click.
      If you want to add any wisdom for a particular station you can do that too.


I searched for my hometown Indore and was impressed by the info provided by RailWisdom.



11. Medical Emergency
The most important feature on any Train App is to have the quickest medium to get medical help
      when required. Just enter the train or station details and you will get the medical contact.
      For quick medical help you can directly feed in the 10 digit PNR no.


My Experience
This app has everything a train passenger would need right from the time of planning the travel
       to alighting from the train. The navigation is quite easy and UI is friendly with logically cross
        linked paths. The only feature it lags is the one dedicated to curate the latest buzz in the
        Indian Railways. Overall a must have App for every Indian who travels by train.

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