Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 facts about relationships..!!

In today’s world being in a relationship is the most common trend.
People fall in and out of love as if it is a dive in river Ganga.
Everyone is in relationship or desperately wants to be in one.

Among all this only 15% of people understand the true meaning of a relationship and
different facts related to it.

Fact 1.
Relationship involves two free birdies who love to spend their time, emotions and feelings together.
None of them is a slave of other and has their own freedoms and rights to enjoy.
A person is in a relationship with you to be happy and not to be in restrictions or bondages.
Give your partner space, rights and freedoms to enjoy and he/she will always love to be with you.

Fact 2
Don’t be a hurt-freak, getting hurt on every small action taken by your partner.
If you will behave like that your partner will feel uncomfortable and restricted in doing anything.
They will have to think twice before having a conversation with you.
Make their life simple and not painful because of you.

Fact 3
It is completely fine for your partner to enjoy with his/her friends.
Don’t become a jealous machine or get loaded with insecurities.
Always remember insecurities kill relationships. Your partner will always know the limit and will
respect the freedom and space they are enjoying with you.
Be a bit possessive but not a chipko.
Show your partner how much he/she means to you. Show your authority but only in a limit.

Fact 4
Don’t be a selfish bag always thinking about yourself.
Your partner has his/her own dreams, ambitions and principles.
Respect them and always make efforts to align them with yours.
Achieving success together is the real spice of life.
Also you are not the only one who is making efforts, your partner is giving equal blood and sweat.
Respect and appreciate their efforts.

Fact 5
Your partner is not a problem solver, he/she is with you to enjoy life to the fullest and live a simple life.
Don’t burden them with your problems and frustrations.
Always try to create a refreshing atmosphere rather than a tensed one.

Fact 6
A relationship is about solving problems and facing difficulties together.
It is not a one person job to do everything and the second person to just enjoy.
Put in efforts to show how much you care and love your partner.
Be proud of have them in your life.

Fact 7
Don’t play the blame game with your partner.
You are responsible for your problems and wrongdoings.
Discuss your problems and seek guidance, but even if the suggestion goes wrong, it
is not the whole and sole responsibility of your partner to make it right.

Fact 8
Don’t be a cry baby.
No one likes a person who is weak and cries on everything.
There will be situations when your partner will hurt you or go on a wrong path.
Be strong, stay there with him/her and give your complete support.

Fact 9
Be yourself. You are born with your own identity.
If someone loves you he/she should love the way you are without changing you.
Also don’t become so mad for someone that you lose your identity, respect and dreams.

And lastly the most important Fact
Fact 10
A person has come into a relationship with you on his/her own will.
It was his/her decision and nothing being forced upon.
In course of time even if your partner falls for someone else, that is perfectly ok.
Life makes us meet different people and it can be possible that we find someone else
who perfectly suits us.
Respect his/her decision. Don’t cage them with emotional blackmailing and heartbroken messages.
You can’t control your partner, it is completely their decision, what they want to do in life and whom
they want to like.

But yeah one thing you can do is always be with them in their goods and bad.
Be protective and caring and show your complete support. Don’t let anyone take their advantage.
Keep on improving yourself, have trust in your love and faith in god.
If you deserve them, they will always come back and embrace you happily.

Follow these facts before it is too late J

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