Saturday, April 16, 2016

Haircut in India and US : A humorous take

It was my first haircut in US and I am jumping like a small baby to share my experience through a comparison between normal Indian salons vs a normal US salons (which are nothing less than a Jawed Habib).

In US 90% of the time you will be greeted by a girl and even the cutting will be also done by her.
In India it is just the opposite.

So lets look at the way things happen differently in India and US.

How customers are greeted
In US salons the way customers are greeted, you feel to come again and again.
Also you can check-in online and reserve your no.

In India sometimes you will feel that the barber has even seen you or not.
When the person who came after you gets a haircut first you have to raise your voice to make
him feel your presence.

How the cutting is done
In US there are different scales which decide the type of haircut you will get.

In India, there are only 3 styles, Barik, Medium or any Celebrity cut.

The Payment
In US you need to pay a tip even when you don't like the haircut.

In India most of the times either customer or barber won't have Rs 5 change, which will be delayed to the next time.


  1. Hilarious :P I have heard haircuts are very expensive there