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BlueCube Network launches Flipmetric at Surge 2016

Here we present to you another great startup which got into limelight in Surge 2016 , India’s biggest tech conference ever. Let's explore their awesome product FlipMetric which was launched during Surge.

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About BlueCube Network 
BlueCubeNetwork, a Jaipur Based Digital Media Marketing Start Up registered its presence at the biggest Start Up event held in India in the year 2016. It was for the first time that the Web Summit team had organized its conference in India and Surge 2016 marked a new revolution for the Startup Ecosystem in the country. As per the Web Summit CEO, Paddy Cosgrave, Surge turned out to be a huge success.
BlueCube Network, a 2012 established Digital Media Marketing Agency represented itself at the event as the Exhibitors and launched their product- FlipMetric at the elite platform. It was nothing less than an achievement for the start up to conduct a product Launch at the prestigious event. The event reportedly attracted over 5000 attendees from 72 countries. The same helped up the company for its product launch as well. The event was attended by 4 of its members including the CEO and the COO.

Let’s know Flipmetric
FlipMetric, a SaaS based product that is on its way to change the business analytics by streamlining complex data analysis & conception, providing an unprecedented power to firms with effective business intelligence processes. As reported by its representatives, they believe that Companies, in today’s times are still dependent on the intuitions and end up taking gut driven decisions. It is important that the performance tracking and final decisions are taken on the basis of real time data and analytics so as to get more effective results. FlipMetric assures the same with simplicity.

From Right- Mr Maneesh Sharma (COO), Rahul Jha (Web Developer), Richa Sharma (Head of Operations), Mr. Himanshu Sharma (CEO)

Their Story
On being asked to Mr. Himanshu Sharma, the CEO of the company for how the first thought of having this product came into existence, he quoted a very interesting incident. Here is what he reportedly said-
“Necessity leads to invention and that is exactly what happened with us..!!
So, it all started off with our own experience.
We are running a Digital Marketing Start Up named BlueCube Network. It was a way to learn and enhance the capabilities. Start Ups are meant to be fun & it was! But after a while, with management’s prospect, it became difficult for us to cater up and track the performance criteria based on various essential KPIs. With time, we realized the need of a definite and systematic approach for data driven decisions. We searched and sorted up for the viable solutions from the present options but nothing seemed to work appropriately. Hence, we ended up building a system of our own from the scratch that would keep a track of it all for effective work performance tracking and data driven decision making.
It was later that we realized that it can be scaled up with more features to be inculcated in and offer it to the market space constituting firms who are probably facing the same issues that we did!”

Customer Definition
On further queries on the focus group, it was cleared as the following- “Any professional who has gone digital and wishes to take decisions on analytical driven entities falls under our focus group. We help businesses to keep a constant track of the most important KPIs of your stream, in the most simplified version with no complex data structures involved.”

Connecting with BlueCube Network
With FlipMetric, the company has provided the audience with an online platform for building definite KPI dashboards to assist teams with an active data driven approach for taking effective business decisions. They claim to supervise the growth of the KPI driven entities in order to keep teams organized, practical & concrete in their approach. With a commitment to provide its consumers with an access to all the relevant figures wherever required with better visual insights, BlueCube Network has it all. FlipMetric being in private Beta version for now, one may register himself at the given URL Below.

The response at Surge was beyond their expectations and landed up boosting their desire to add on more innovation and creativity to the given product.

Product Website:
Company’s Webiste:

For more info, feel free to connect with-

Mr. Himanshu Sharma
COO, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 9784212868

Mr. Maneesh Sharma
COO, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 9024699512

Ms. Richa Sharma
Head of Operations, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 8302691549

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