Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from your Parents

Have you heard any parent saying that I studied from Delhi University so my daughter is also going to study from there or that I was able to find a decent job after my graduation from IIT so let my son also pursue the same from there? Yes, every time a discussion on “Kya Socha” about kid comes and these conversation popes up. I feel such decision by parents are like asking people their kids to use Siemens phone (that big one with antenna) in the time of smart phones.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t inherit college education from your parents.

1. Today opportunity and requirements are changing. In this time it is important that we should not limit our children imagination and aspirations with our limited 80’s-90’s experience in the world of 2016.

2. The college which was good in those times need not be at the top now. So we should let
our children introspect and choose the college of their choice.

3. As compared to the old days, today foreign education has become a common trend.
So we shouldn’t limit our children to India but let them explore worldwide opportunities.

4. During old days education was limited to the field of engineering, doctor and law.
But these days colleges even teach how to become entrepreneurs.

5. Today education is 40% theory and 60% practical which was not the case during our
parent’s time where 90% of the syllabus was devoted to theory.

It is time when you should #thinkBIG and guide your children too. Here is why we want you to look at opportunities which are provided in universities like LPU which have been showcased through this unique video as well.

Also one learning from the video is that your present decision will impact your future too, so when you have to think then why not thinkBIG

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