Monday, July 6, 2015

The new MPV in the market "Renault Lodgy" - Official Review

Recently got the chance to drive the new MPV in the town, The “Lodgy” by Renault.
I love MPVs for the fact that they have lot of space for complete family to enjoy together and also they are high on fuel efficiency and low on price.

Here is the official review.

I drove the new Renault Lodgy in GOA from “Leela Palace”, the place I stayed to “Hotel Lalit”.
Almost half of the route was a beautiful and curvy Ghat Section so it was perfect for a drive.

This is one section where Renault Lodgy score full points.
There is ample of leg space available for the front and rear seats.
Also among all MPVs it provides the maximum boot space.
You can even keep a cycle and tent if you are going for trekking.
You can keep your canvas and color palates if you are a painter and want to try out new destinations.
Also you can keep your tripod and your camera kit if you are a photographer.  

This is one proper seven seater for your complete family.
The seats can be folded easily to make ample space to accommodate the entire luggage for a family of 7.

Renault Lodgy scores high when it comes to stylish and classy interiors.
If you have driven Duster then you can easily relate the similarity of it’s interior parts & designing with Lodgy.

Exterior Styling & looks
Disappointedly Renault Lodgy appears boxy and has an unappealing styling.
After having a first glance of the MPV I didn’t feel like giving it a second glance.
The Head Lamp design looks nice but the tail lamp appears to be odd.

Music System
Music System is powerful and the quality of sound is superb.
There is noise reduction mechanism which improves the clarity of sound and we are able to hear even the minute details.

Engine & Performance

There are 2 diesel variants available in the market.
One is 85PS version with fixed geometry turbocharger and the higher variant is 110PS with variable
geometry turbocharger.  The 110PS is mapped to a 6 speed gearbox.

Overall both the variants of Lodgy have a superb pickup and provide a smooth driving experience.

Handling & Control
Lodgy seats are comfortable and the seating position provides you a commanding view of the road.
The steering is quite flexible and not firm which gives a smooth driving experience.
Even on the curves in the GHAT section we don’t have to decrease the speed.

Also the brakes are very powerful.
There is a slight problem pressing the clutch as it is a bit tight. On a long drive it may leave your limbs aching.

Bottom line is you can drive Lodgy on any kind of road in India and you will always get a superb driving experience.

Fuel Efficiency & Price
110PS variant is robust, fast and fuel efficient.
The 85PS variant stands no lesser.
Renault has intelligently priced both the variants.
85PS is available at Rs 8.5 lakh.
110PS engine is available in 2 versions, RxL & RxZ both priced around Rs 12 lakh.

If we put aside the exterior styling & design, Renault Lodgy has everything in it to be tagged as one of the top MPVs in the current market.
It scores high on space, drivability, fuel efficiency and price.
A thumps up from my side and gets a overall rating of 4 / 5 .
Highly recommend it to all MPV lovers.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India

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