Wednesday, July 29, 2015

10 things you need to keep in mind while you are travelling to USA

1. Keep all your documents in the hand luggage as the first thing when you enter USA is Customs           verification. You will get your check in luggage after the custom is cleared.

2. Don't buy gadgets from India before coming to USA as most of the service providers here
    provides unlock phones. Also some of the brand mobiles won't be compatible with the
    bands used in USA so better to buy one here.

3. The chargers and adapters used in India doesn't work in USA so you will need to buy a converter

4. There is fine in everything, if you leave garbage out of home at wrong time, if you cross the speed
    limits, if you miss any payment even by one day, if you leave an apartment unclean and the list is

5. Getting a driving licence and SSN number is the most important thing to make your stay
    comfortable in USA.

6. There is negligible public transport in USA so it is very necessary to own a car ASAP.
     US is famous for second hand car market which is safe and high on quality.

7. People have and show lot of etiquettes and manners and accept the same from others.
    So it is very necessary to be polite and humble and have respect for each human being when you
    are in USA. Also always be on time and never let anyone wait because of you.

8. Don't carry Indian SIMS with you to USA as you might need them while doing Indian bank
    transactions, so better leave it with your parents or any near dear one.

9. Unlike India there is no service tax added to the bill in US restaurants so as a courtesy you should
    pay the waiter a good amount as a tip.

10. There are Indian stores where you can get all the vegetables and even chapatis in frozen packets.
      So you can get a supply of the same on weekly basis if you don't have much time to cook.

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