Monday, August 3, 2015

8 Signs that you have a telugu roommate..!!!

1, Rice is more dearer to them than their girlfriend.
    They can eat rice for ages and survive.

2. Vegetable or Sabji is also called curry.
     Till now for me curry was the one which is made up from curd.

3. While having dinner, during weekends, even while going to a multiplex they will always prefer
    watching Telugu movies and songs. There lappies and mobiles are customized to play only one
    kind of music..:P

4. While speaking to relatives or friends they will talk in a very loud pitch.
     You can hear them talking from another room.

5.  They are very good at heart and quite cooperative.
     If you are in trouble they will be the first one to help you

6. They love to carry a geeky look.

7. No show off but simple living is their style.

8. Normally they will feel shy in talking to and about girls.
    Flirting is really not their cup of coffee.

This post is served with a pinch of humour.No offense intended to anyone.

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