Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 Signs that you are dating a lawyer...!!!

1. She will always threaten to sue you whenever you have a fight.
    Also she can turn a simple argument into "3rd World War".

2. There will be always more talks about different sections in law then different venues to go
     for a dinner date.

3. She will be always be confused whether to marry or not as 70% of the crowd in her profession
    will be single and no time to mingle.

4. She will always have an opinion on everything and if you don't agree to it she will use all
    measures available to prove herself right.

5. If you are even 5 minutes late because of some legitimate reason you will have to listen the music
    as for her punctuality will be above everything else.

6. She will always meet you in black & white but it doesn't means that your life will not be

7. Her dream destinations will be High courts and Supreme court.
    She will be quite serious and dedicated towards her work and expect the same from yo

8. She will be always busy doing internships in her college days and will hardly go to college.
    If you are an engineer you will feel like you are the most vella person in the world and she
    is the most busy.

9. Always be careful about what you talk as something said casually can also be taken seriously
    and a conclusion can be drawn which you would have never intended.


10. According to her etiquettes and manners are key to a successful relationship.
      More then being a sweetheart she will want you to be disciplined.


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