Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Favorite Phone..

In today's world mobile is the most important gadget one should have, its more like a necessity. Like in cars we have MPV ( Multi Purpose Vehicle) in the same way in gadgets, mobiles serve as MPG (Multi Purpose Gadget).

Today we don't need a TV, Computer and Music Player if we have a high quality mobile which all important features.

For me mobile comes at the top of the priority list. I am quite choosy when it comes to selecting a phone.
My favorite phone is Asus Zenfone2.

Here are some of the reasons for choosing Asus Zenfone2 as your next phone -:

It is world’s 1st smartphone with 4 GM RAM.
Imagine uninterrupted experience of gaming, music, apps and photography at the same time.
Efficient performance of different tasks requires sufficient memory and when it is 4GB RAM, you don’t have to worry at all.

2. Vibrant Design
This ultra slim phone has an incredible slim profile which is just 3.9 mm at the thinnest edge.
Such design makes ZenFone 2 comfortable to hold and easier to use.
This powerful device is also a sheer beauty. The iconic ASUS concentric circle design is a treat to eyes. It’s rear cover is crafted with an outstanding hairline finish which creates an amazing visual effect.
Also it is available in various premium and striking colors to reflect my personality and mood.

3. Razor Sharp Display
ZenFone 2  is equipped with a high resolution 1920 x 1080 full HD IPS display that offers wide 178 degree viewing angles.  ASUS built in TruVivid technology provides brilliant clarity and sharpness in every image making the world look more colorful and stunning.
Watching HD videos & movies and playing games involving high quality graphics was never so much fun before.

4. Incredible Camera
ZenFone 2 comes with 13 MP rear facing and 5 MP front facing camera which provides incredible photography experience.
It’s PixelMaster camera technology provides unparalleled performance in all conditions.
Through a combination of adjusting pixel size and advanced image processing algorithms, it increases light sensitivity by up to 400%, enhances noise reduction and boost color contrast by up to 400%.
The dual-LED Real Tone flash captures the real tone of the subjects providing the most natural illumination.
I love photography and there is no need of a DSLR when I have a phone with such amazing camera quality and specifications.

5. Simpler & Personalized ZenUI
The best thing about ZenFone 2 is that it always matches my mood.
It gives me complete freedom to choose from a variety of themes and live wallpapers to personalize by experience of using a phone.
The brand new ZenUI has variety of new features in the kitty, including ZenMotion , SnapView  and Trend Micro security that enhances usability, ensure security and deliver a seamless user experience.

6. Enough Storage
High end Zenfone2 has 32 GB internal memory space and a microSD card of 64 GB can be used additionally.

7. Battery Life
ZenFone 2 has 3000mAh battery which is in par with the high end phones available in the market.
Once charged the phone is alive for the whole day.

8. Treat for Gamers
The PowerVR graphics chip is a solid performer and that is a boon for android gamers.

9. Value for money
If such an awesome phone with a plethora of features cost you around 20k for its high end version, what more can you ask for?
It is one of best budget phones available in the market.
I think the above points will make you choose Asus ZenFone 2 as your favorite phone too.

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