Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#SniffSniff meet experience..

I was part of the #SniffSniff activity and was eagerly waiting for the D day when the mysterious product was going to be revealed.  Finally 13th June came and it was time for #SniffSniff meet.

There were lots of predictions made for the product from various bloggers across the blogosphere.
Most of us were predicting it to be a new DEO. So were we right?

The mystery will be revealed soon, just keep on guessing & reading.

The meet was going on start at 11 a.m.
I and my fellow blogger friend Ste as usual were among the last few to reach the venue.
Actually if Blogadda want to honor us they can felicitate us with the “Last in Last out” blogger’s award..:P

Anyways we grabbed our seats quickly as the meet had already commenced.
It was an all male bloggers event but our host for the day was a beautiful lady.

Till now we were not aware about the brand that was going to launch the mysterious product until we saw Nivea men written all over the launch banner.

Soon after welcoming us to the event, the gorgeous lady made way for “Mr Animesh Gupta”, A soft skills trainer and EI coach.

He talked on different points related to “Body Odour”
1. What is the biological reason for development of body odour.
2. Effects of different kind of food habits on body odour.
3. What kind of diet is preferable when you have a body odour.
4. How to confront a person who has bad body odour and make him/her realize the same.
5. How to react when someone confronts you and says, “You smell bad today”.

It was an interactive session where we learned a lot on how to prevent, control, confront and accept a bad body odour.

Also there was a fun activity planned in the middle of it where all the bloggers were divided into groups of 5. In each group 2 of the bloggers were blindfolded who had to smell different things and depending upon the smell had to identify the personality of the person who smelled like that.
The other 3 had to pick five items at a time and make the 2 blindfolded persons smell them.

In my group I was among the 2 who got blindfolded but fortunately I didn’t had to smell onions but roses..:)

After the session there was surprise for us. According to rumors a bollywood actor was soon going to make his way in the middle. We were all thrilled and excited to meet one of the most handsome men of bollywood fraternity.

I think you must have correctly guessed the name till now…If NO, try connecting the dots when I say Nivea and Bollywood actor.

Finally the wait was over when “Arjun Rampal “, one of the most dashing actors of the decade made his way in front of us.
He had a class, every man would wish to have and style that would make a girl crazy.

He talked about his connection with Nivea and the beauty of its products.
Also he answered the questions asked by fellow bloggers.
I also asked him a question ,”How to handle such souls who consider themselves as superior and mock you even when you are hygienic and smelling good”.

It was time to feed the hungry stomach as lunch was served. 

After having a sumptuous meal we headed towards the hall which was all set for the launch.

It was show time as the curtains were going to be taken off the mystery product.

#BanBodyOdour was trending all over India. There was a hilarious video streamed spreading the message to #BanBodyOdour.

Mr Rakshit Hargave, the M.D. of Nivea India finally took the centre stage.
Lights, camera and action – “India’s first Deodorizer” was revealed.

A turning podium was in front of us which had a large model of “Nivea Deodorizer” and Arjun Rampal kissing it continuously…:P

It was Q&A round as Arjun Rampal and Mr Rakshit Hargave took centre stage.
After responding to around 7-8 questions it was time for photo session.

We too had our bloggers photo sessions.
It was time to head home with our goodies as the #SniffSniff meet concluded successfully.

Oopss…I forgot to tell what the goodie bag had, well a brand new “India’s first Deodorizer”..:)

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea